Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Later that day

Tom came by and we visited for a bit, then went to Food Lion so I could replace my fuzzy zucchini. I was a little less full of energy than I thought I would be. That was a little surprise. It was then I realized that I guess I am a little bit sick. I haven't even thought about that! They didn't have organic eggs, so I asked Tom if we could go across the street to Farm Fresh. Then I said, nah. I got regular eggs. I just didn't have it in me to go to another store. Middle class people problems.

We loaded up the car and I pushed my luck, asking if we could stop and pick blackberries on the way home. Again, I ran out of gas, but did get a few picked. I'll go back when I'm not all doped up. They're so delicious this year.

The Percocet is doing its job. For that, I am very thankful. The pain on urination is pretty severe, but the recovery time is getting shorter and shorter. I'm nowhere near the pain level of yesterday without the drugs. My new hope is that the antibiotics kick in and do their job. I was hoping that would be happening by now.

The most amazing thing is I was feeling perfectly fine after surgery until Saturday night. Sigh.

Enough of that. There is pain control improvement and I am no longer seeing stars and crying. I'll take it.

I hope to get some sleep tonight. I was able to nap for 2 hours without having to get up and go. I think that bodes well for tonight.

So bring it on, Wednesday. Let's make it a delightful change from yesterday.

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