Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I almost got real sleep

Another one of those 'what a difference a day makes' moments. I'm very happy to say that!

I chose to sleep downstairs in the recliner again so I could be close to the loo. The night before, I had been up about every 15 minutes to half hour; the frequency and urgency has been a bear. Last night, though, it was every hour. Not bad! When you have one of these infections, there's a short period of time after going to the bathroom that you have to recover from the pain. That recovery time is pretty painful too. That span of time finally started getting shorter last night too. Progress.

I'd say in terms of 1-10, I'm at a 7ish. That's very manageable.

I stopped going back to sleep at about 5ish, so got up and started the day. I decided to cut the dose of Percocet in half. I still need some, but I don't need 10 mg anymore.

Here's the thing. I've talked a lot about pain the last few days. If there are people out there living with chronic pain equal to this acute, and hopefully one time, situation, they have my ultimate respect. I've honestly never been through anything like this before and had no idea what real pain was. I thought the pain after my knee replacement surgeries was real pain. Nope.

At any rate, today is better than yesterday.

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