Friday, June 26, 2015

Beautiful pathology

The pathology report shows that the tumor is all gone and there was no muscular invasion by the stem. These are good things, and this news was given to me after I had my chance to air my grievances about Monday's pain debacle. The pain was explained as bladder spasm. When I asked more questions, he said the pain could be as bad as giving birth. In my mind, I nodded. It was a good conversation, but I did feel that he heard what I had to say and was a bit surprised when I said I felt they dropped the ball.

Looking back, if he knew it was bladder spasm and not infection, then the doctor covering for him should know the same. Therefore, there should have been a modicum of assistance provided when I was in need. But I digress.

I will have three-month cystoscopies for a year or so and then back down on the frequency. That's about what I expected.

He told me to back off of acidic foods like coffee and soda. I'll do some research on higher alkaline options. I'd like to keep the bladder happy from now on, you know?

He suggested taking the pain meds a couple more nights and that things should start calming down soon.

I'm still in a bit of a doldrums period. I'm certain this will pass. I'm positive it will.

My cancer was removed. Let's keep 'please don't recur' thoughts going. Now I shall take a pill and sit here without the achy mess that has become my nether regions.

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