Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to my regular brain farts

Last week was a trial for sure. I was up, down, and mostly just saying WTF a lot.

Friday, it was time to get back to me, so that's what I'm doing. I'm sleeping again and that makes every day easier to deal with. I got to spend several hours at Robin's house Saturday playing cards and getting stupid. It was well worth it. I still wasn't into eating, but did have a couple snacks without nausea. (The nausea is from change in diabetes medications and will continue to get better every day; it has nothing to do with the tumor.)

My blood sugars are coming back out of the stressed zone, which is super good.

Today, I wait to hear from the hospital about what testing I need to have done.

Today, I'll do laundry. I want clean sheets if I'm going to hang out in bed for a day or so.

Today, I'll get some errands run so the dog has food and stuff like that.

Today, I'll do regular old Monday stuff.

I got a call from Brian and Mike, and Mike came by for a smidge on Saturday. I did let family know what's up. Other folks, I've directed to the last two entries on the blog. It kind of tells the tale.

You know what? My husband has been amazing. Doesn't matter what gets either of us down, we just deal and move through it with each other. I had him give me my insulin this morning so he knows how to do it. Big time poke, but he did it!

And that's the news from my little piece of paradise in the woods near Croaker, VA. Let the week begin and let the prepping for surgery and cancer removal happen.

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