Monday, May 11, 2015

Insulin, food, diabetes, and gardening

Gardening - who knew I would ever enjoy it? I can't stand to get my hands dirty and yet, I put seeds in the ground and get really excited when they turn into plants. I won't be able to stand myself when the food seeds turn into edibles!

I'm up to 24 units of Lantus. It's helping, but not quite enough yet. I'll go up to 26 tonight. I suspect I'll be at the full 30 before I see the endocrinologist.

What I can control, though, is intake and exercise. Full press today. To wit:

Keeping the carbs down and the protein up. The sugars were from the asparagus and guacamole. This was an egg, asparagus, sugar free sausage, and asiago muffin thing I whipped up and baked. I had a side of guacamole. Perfection.

The goal is to keep my macros in range today, which should make for an acceptable blood sugar, with my fasting today at 290.

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