Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whole30, day 3

Yesterday didn't exist. Did it? I had my doctor's appointment and we talked numbers, emotional responses to situations of recent times in mine and my family's life, and what to do next. What to do next is to continue the Whole30 and improved blood sugar control. On with today.

I didn't sleep much last night at all, so woke up more tired than I've been in years. Self-inflicted. A short nap after breakfast/before lunch will help. Getting to bed early tonight will help too. It will be a 10 p.m. night for sure.

Breakfast was fabulous. I shredded a zucchini and cooked it with the pancetta, after which I added 2 eggs to the vegetables and let them set. Throw in a side of avocado and strawberries and you get the fabulosity! My post breakfast blood sugar was 30 points lower than my fasting.

Lunch was kind of funny. I prepped turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and salt and pepper for rolling up, and cut up a half apple and a couple strawberries. Not pictured are the few walnuts I threw on the fruit plate. Well, I dropped it. I dropped it all. So what did I do? I made it again. And then I ate it. My blood sugar 2 hours after lunch was even lower, 185 points lower than m fasting. 

Dinner's coming. 

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