Monday, January 19, 2015

Plan for the day

First of all, I figured out why my back hurts. It's not from getting on the floor with the dog; it's from bending over in an odd position sewing. I can reproduce it by making that move. Hooray. At least I know the source.

So, the plan for today is to do an old person exercise DVD and get some good stretching in and exercise for a half hour. I got a couple DVDs for Christmas and this is a great day to try one out.

I have asparagus and pancetta cooking as we speak.

Lunch will involve either egg salad or tuna salad with shredded lettuce and either an apple or an orange or a banana.

Dinner will include cauliflower for sure.

That's the plan so far. I'm not a fan of pain, so will get this back thing stretched out as soon as possible. Damn, I'm getting old!

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