Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 2 of self-talk and trying hard

My goal for the next couple months or so is to lose 10 pounds. That's in addition to sticking close to paleo/primal while maintaining a decent blood sugar level, avoiding lows with the new medication. I am trying not to obsess about food, but when I was obsessing, I did a really good job of balancing proteins and carbs along with a fair amount of fruits and a huge amount of vegetables. Maybe I should obsess?

For today, my FBS was 268. That's pretty good for me. My loaf of pumpernickel from Whole Foods is now gone. I won't buy it again. It's too tempting. If I get a loaf of Pepperidge Farm, I freeze it and use it sparingly. I just couldn't let this fresh bread see the inside of a freezer; that would be a crime against humanity!

The French toast was so good yesterday that I soaked the ends of the bread in eggs and did it again. I'm running low on fresh veggies, so into the bag of frozen green beans with me! I cooked those with the pancetta and feel like I've eaten gourmet once more. 

I'm not sure yet where lunch will take me, but I'm ready for whatever it ends up being. I need to hard boil some eggs for sure!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jumping into the primal pool feet first

I have a few slices of pumpernickel from Whole Foods left, and I'm not about to toss it out. So, I gussied it up with a good soak in organic eggs and called it French toast. The patty pan squash was cooked with the pancetta and was really delightful. I'm almost out of those. The garden is starting to burn out, but there are a few left on the vines. To top it all off, I cut up half of my last garden tomato, warmed it in the pan, and tossed it on top of the French toast. I felt like I was eating food from a 5 star restaurant. Okay, maybe not that good, but pretty damned close. 

Finishing up some other things I have. Gluten free, flax/pumpkin waffles (Whole Foods goodie), yogurt, and peach for lunch. My pre-lunch blood sugar was down from the fasting (260 fasting, 251 before lunch), so that's a good thing. I got a 3/4 mile walk in earlier. I believe I'll be back to swimming this week now that the dog scratch wound is healed. It was way too deep for my comfort when it comes to a public pool. 

My goal this week is to up the veggie intake. I've been a little lax compared to this time last year. I have plenty of good food to prepare and plenty of impetus to get it done. My weakness is the last night. There's nothing new about that. With the new meds, I have to have a little something, but I do not have to have a pint of ice cream. That's slow suicide. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The great diabetes experiment continues

FBS 303. Medication taken.

Same as yesterday. Tomato, egg, pancetta, cheese, S&P, multigrain thin bagel. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The great diabetes experiment begins

FBS 279
Starting Amaryl 2 mg a day this week. Up to 4 mg next week if BS does not improve.
Hybrid paleo diet, 80/20.

Multigrain bagel thin, 1/2 slice cheese, tomato, Wellness Meats sugar free bacon, and an egg. Oh yeah, lots of pepper. Love pepper with eggs and with tomatoes. These bagel thins had the lowest carb and sugar content. I may or may not continue with them. Pumpernickel, if any bread, is a good choice because of its low glycemic index. It has not been a problem for me thus far, either stomach wise or blood sugar wise. 

The sandwich was delicious. I'll be so sad when the tomatoes are gone!

Before lunch BS 263. The medicine is working for sure. 

Cottage cheese and watermelon, and I didn't photograph the Applegate salami that I had with it. So far, the carbs and protein are in a good range for the day and for both meals. Like I said, a hybrid diet. Probably more primal than paleo, but I'm good with that. 

Whoa. Before dinner, BS was 133. I haven't seen that number in a very long time. After dinner, it was 183. Again, pretty phenomenal. 

I picked a patty pan squash this morning and cooked that up with an onion. I put that mix on top of 3 little new potatoes. Yum. The pork was bleh, but it's okay. I won't buy that cut again. The applesauce was as amazing as it should be.