Monday, March 24, 2014

Today is the first day of the rest of your....crap, you know what I mean

Lovely leftovers. Yesterday's breakfast casserole even better warmed up today. 
And, even lovelier strawberries. They're so good these days! I need to freeze the remainder, though. I have a stupid oral thing happening tomorrow and the acid in the berries needs to be put on hold.

I have an event tonight that will present food challenges, so I need to make sure to keep things in line for the reminder of the day. Other than that, I see a good day in my future. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today's a 100% day

And it always starts with a good breakfast. The layering for this one was: spaghetti squash, spinach, asparagus, one sausage patty crumbled, eggs, and tomato. I use 4 eggs and eat this over 2 days. It was so very good. 

Ice cream for lunch and raspberries/strawberries with yogurt somewhere in there. Ooops.

Dinner was mucho gusto - sweet red peppers/mushrooms/spinach all sauteed with a small steak (from a loin thingie). Yumtastic and then some. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busch Gardens day

I'll be going to Busch Gardens with my son today for the first time of the season. I'll have a pass, so it'll be a freebie, and I hope to go often to walk or ride roller coasters or whatever. I'll probably have lunch there and am thinking ahead. There are several places I can get a protein and salad or vegetables, so will seek those out rather than the crap food sold here and there. And to start me off, a good breakfast.
Spinach, zucchini, and eggs. What's better? A bit of bacon on the side and yum. 
I do try to stick to W30 as close as  possible, with a bit more effort to stick with it this week (the mom and other son challenge), and it hit me today that even if I'm close and not 100% on target, I'm 100% better off than I used to be. Hurtling toward old age doesn't seem as scary when your body works the way it was meant to work. 

I found this blog this morning and it's so worth reading again and again:

It was perfect timing. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Aiming for a good day

I've planned out the day's foods and feel confident that I can keep to that plan.

Pancetta, asparagus, and eggs. 
My plan also includes photos of the following meals for today. 
Gotta get my shit in gear. 

Lunch didn't make it to the blog. Sorry! I had an Applegate organic hot dog, some leftover broccoli, and a really nice banana. Later, I had some strawberries and I have to tell you, they're getting good these days. 

I gussied up my mash by adding broccoli slaw to the mix. Cauliflower and celery root were the main stars. But the slaw added a really nice flavor. The turkey was to die for.

A good day. A very good day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Continuing the Son/Mom W30

I fell off the wagon yesterday, but am back, back I say! Allergy season is coming and I need to get a leg up on it. Plus, I did get the go-ahead to continue walking and training for 8Ks. The lower part of my left knee prosthesis is wobbly. It may need revision in the future, but for now, I'll wear a sleeve when I exercise and not worry about it. Good news all the way around!
Today's goal includes consistency and it starts with zucchini, eggs, and pancetta. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 1 of the Mom/Son Whole7

I have to call this breakfast hearty because it was. I'm glad I didn't scoop out the avocado I had waiting! I cooked the shredded brussel sprouts with the sausage, sliced a few small tomatoes and brought them to room temperature as the rest cooked, and simply scrambled 2 eggs. Super good and super clean. 

Egg salad with some lettuce. Nice and filling. I had a banana and coconut milk yogurt earlier. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 18-25 - a deal was made

My son and I are doing a Whole30 week from March 18 to March 25. It'll be fun to do it together and have a partner in crime, so to speak.

This is very good timing for me. I stocked up on good meats and vegetables and some fruits today.

Let's do this thing. While I'm at it, I saw this on Facebook today and it spoke to me in a big way. Sharing so it will speak to you as well.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How does being fat feel?

It feels good to start the day right. We bought two types of bacon at the Williamsburg farmers market yesterday and tried one out today. It was okay, but was more like store bought bacon than farm bacon. The eggs were great. I added them to sauteed mushrooms for a change. the avocado was great. Fresh, tasty, perfect texture, and a great add-on to the eggs. 

I am trying to read a blog post about what it's like to be fat - What It's Like to Be Fat - A Small Loss. It has been hard to really give it a go and I suspect it's because I will see myself in the post. I decided to make a small list of my own before I finish the reading:
  • Sluggish. This word came to mind first. Moving can be difficult and slow. Getting comfortable is a challenge. Feeling refreshed from sleep is touch and go. 
  • Awkward. Getting dressed is not just a matter of picking out what to wear. It consists, too, of getting those clothes on - pull down the back, hike up the front of the elastic waist pants, put up your leg so you can tie your shoe, and on and on.
  • Frustrating. Do those clothes fit anymore? Are they too tight? Should I save those 'small' clothes for when I get to that weight again? Not being able to climb a hill or fit into a regulation seat. Knowing you're a human being inside this outwardly monstrous body. 
  • Invisible. Fat is the ultimate cloak of invisibility. Others look away. If they do look, it's a look of disgust or pity. It is hiding in plain sight. 
  • Lost. So very lost. 
I've been there. I go there from time to time in my mind and it pushes me forward. The feeling of fat encourages me to exercise, to eat properly, and when I stray, and boy do I stray, it brings me back. How losing weight feels is also of interest:
  • Fit. Or at least able to be fitter. Exercise is difficult when you weight 309 pounds. The cure is as overwhelming as the disease. To exercise, one must get up and move. As a fat person, it's hard to get up and move. The more moving, though, the easier it is to move. 
  • Hopeful. There is a life inside this body. No one is doomed to remain fat. There is hope. It takes effort and new habit building, but it is possible. The concept of hope almost instantly mitigates the feeling of being lost. 
  • Happy. Weight loss does not bring happiness; the physical and mental benefits to losing weight does. The rewards are countable and some not so much. 
I'm fortunate to have had medical intervention - two knee replacements and a wonderful dietary suggestion - three different doctors, three different positive forces. The first knee set in motion an exercise process. I had to go to physical therapy. I wanted my knee to get as functional as it could, and I jumped in feet first. And I worked hard, very hard. I spent weeks in physical therapy and then hit the pool. I had been going to water exercise before the surgery; my goal was in sight long before the first replacement. By the second replacement, I was a little lighter and in the habit of exercising. Then came the suggestion for Whole30 and paleo. 

I am in a better place now. I am not to my weight goal, but I can walk, I eat well, I sleep well, and I'm definitely a happier person. I'll keep blogging and taking pictures of food and me. I'm no longer invisible. I don't want to be invisible ever again.
Simple, but not 100% paleo. Organic cottage cheese, unsweetened applesauce, and some cinnamon. Good midday meal. 
Steak sauteed with asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms with a bit of bacon fat. I wasn't a fan of the bacon this morning and was not a fan of the flavor with dinner. I made a banana/strawberry Yonanas for after. I'm finally figuring out how to make it and not over-make it. There are a lot of steps, but it so helps with my ice cream addiction. Last night, I made it with cinnamon and vanilla powder. The banana flavor overwhelms, but I'll work on the ripening time. 

I'm working on adjusting sleep hours. Therefore, I'm a touch sluggish today. This will pass in nothing flat. I just need to continue the appropriate bedtimes. The stupid cyst is definitely on the mend and the "cold" is hanging in there. I think it's getting better, but it's so hard to tell. Just when I think I'm done sniffling, blowing my nose, and coughing, it starts again.

I'm glad this day is about over.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Had a nice trip to the farmers market in Williamsburg today. Picked up some bacon - both cured and uncured. We'll see how it is. I also bought a chunk of sheep's cheese. It's super mild! And then Richard and I went berserk and got biscuits from Hardee's! I logged it, but it's definitely not on plan. But lunch is:

Chicken thighs and asparagus. Yum. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another day in clean eating land

I'm prepared to eat on target today. I didn't sleep well again last night and I'm pretty sure it was due to the skin thing I have going on. That's going to go away as I continue to eat like a champ.

The zucchini in these eggs was pretty awful. The skin was super thick. I'll peel the other two as I use them. I added some grape tomatoes to the eggs and whirled them in the Magic Bullet. And of course, there's that lovely pancetta, which I again shared with Abbey. Overall, it was okay, but not my best effort. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sick of sick - time to heal

My stupid "cold" is back. I have a cyst in the nether regions. And I've had shit for sleep the past few days, though last night gave in and took an Ambien knowing I had 8 hours to sleep. Normally, I sleep 6ish hours and wouldn't take a pill. Emergencies only, you know. Richard had a Rx for an antibiotic for his back cyst last year; the doctor prescribed it for an out of town trip in case he had an inflammation. He didn't, but he saved the pills. I commandeered those today and I should be good to go. Sick of it, I tell ya. The one thing I can control is food, and so that's what I'm doing. I'm kind of tired of feeling like I'm walking through a sludge fog. Time to take the reins again, dammit.
Simple. No ketchup either. Eggs, asparagus, and pancetta. Let the gut/mind/body be as one with the universe ASAP.

One of the Post W30 Paleo peeps posted a skewer picture and I decided I must copy it! I used pineapple with cinnamon, chicken with garlic powder, and straight up grape tomatoes. Then I put a healthy dose of coconut aminos on them and put them in the toaster oven for 40 minutes. It was really good. The process of eating these slowed me down and probably served to fill me up more than when eating fast. 

On a totally non-related note, I'm watching Online Dating Rituals on Bravo right now and this dumbass Alex Stein is on. He's been on other reality shows and is crude ego. He said he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger. That is not a big shocker. I saw him on Glass House and Worst Cooks, and he was a major dick. Guess what, he's a major dick here too. Why am I watching this anyway? 

Earlier, I had a "smoothie" that I made with coconut milk, banana, and cocoa powder. Damned good. For dinner, I put rainbow trout in a bag with crushed up sweet potato chips, then pan fried it. The mash is the last of my leftovers - cauliflower and celery root. I'll have a few Enjoy Life chips this evening and the day is done.

Overall, with the exception of lack of exercise, it's been an honestly clean day. Let's do it again tomorrow. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Teeth and gums - icky stuff ahead

I'm having root planing done today. Ick. I just might be a grump later. To that end, I decided to make it a successful breakfast day.
I cut up some of the bacon Ronnie gave me and some asparagus and let that cook until the bacon was pretty much done. I fluffed up 2 eggs in the Magic Bullet and poured that in. I had an avocado that needed to be used and it was the perfect side for this meal. My mouth is happy now. I suspect it'll be a sumbich later. 

Today's thought for weight loss is - take a tiny step forward toward your goal. Always forward.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring forward, bitches

That's right. It's the time of year to check your smoke detectors and move your clocks forward. Good timing for me as I'm trying to get to be earlier, but it'll seem later. Okay, that makes no sense, but you get my drift. I did get up late this morning, made an ugly breakfast, went to the store, and then walked. Now, I'm working for a bit. So far, a good day.
Hide your eyes! Ugly food alert.
I chopped up some farm fresh bacon and added a couple handfuls of shredded brussel sprouts. That sauteed to the point of almost doneness for the bacon when I put in two eggs and a little bit of cheese (the rest of the cheese went to Abbey). It was SO good. I will absolutely make this again. The sprouts were mild, which made it even better than usual. Happy belly!

Today, my thought about weight loss is to never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zen Paleo Weight Loss

#weightlossmotivation on Twitter is an interesting read. There are items for sale, words given freely, silly ideas, deep thoughts, pictures galore, and a lot of stuff you can either do with or do without. I've joined the fray and am posting my own words using that hashtag. I'm feeling very good about life, exercise, food, and sleep right now and want to share it with others. Maybe I'm doing it just for myself. Who the heck knows?

My thought for today, as it has been for many days in the past is, "You are worth the effort." How many people feel like they are not worthy? Or they lose their focus because it just doesn't matter? It does matter. We are worth it. I am worth it. I want to be around for a while. Weight loss and not smoking go hand in hand for me. They're the last of my bad habits. I'm not losing a thing by letting them go. I'm gaining everything.

I made a breakfast casserole with these layers (from the bottom up): Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, spinach, sausage, eggs, goat cheese. It makes two servings, so I have more for later this week. I also have a fresh spaghetti squash with which to make more crusts for freezing. This is such a good way to get a lot of flavors and variety with breakfast. I check the frig for vegetables that speak to me on any given day. I opted for fairly mild flavors today and it was very good. The process of making the casserole gives me time to think and spend some time with the ingredients. No special tools were used this morning, only my hands, in the making and layering. Taking time is important for me. Being a part of the meal is important for me. Not gobbling it down in record time is important for me. 

I wasn't much in the mood for lunch, but my body needs fuel. I cut up a banana and grabbed a container of peaches in juice, and put them together with organic cottage cheese. I generally do not have dairy more than once a day, but there are times when a quick bite is better than none. Today is one of those days.

Dinner is planned, as are meals through next Friday. By planning, I don't have to dally with decision making other than planning day. I took a mental inventory of vegetables, proteins, and fruits on hand and created a week's worth of meals as a guide. I do have 2 Lara bars, Nick's Sticks, and cottage cheese for times when meals don't fit the profile of the day, but in general, I am involved in the prep and cooking more than most.

I'm reflecting today - what am I gaining? Is my process allowing me to meet goals? 
Filling and delicious. I seasoned the precooked shrimp with ghee, bacon grease, white wine, Old Bay, scampi seasoning, and a healthy dose of garlic. The mash is cauliflower, half a chayote squash, and celery root. I added coconut milk and ghee to the drained vegetables and then mashed with the hand blender.

My mind has been all over the place today and it keeps landing in a "You are worth it" space. Combining losing weight with good eating is a win-win situation. Drop in the quit smoking and it's still win-win. A little stress might be involved, but it's part of the improvement (and therefore positive) process.

To bed early tonight. I'm pooped.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Perfection week challenge

From today till next Friday, I'm doing a "perfection" challenge. With little exception (ketchup!), I'll be eating Whole30. I have meals all planned out and am ready to be as clean as possible. I want to get my gut back in shape after the trip to NY. So ... let's do this thing!
To start with, broccoli slaw cooked with the farm fresh bacon from Ronnie, eggs and pineapple. Oh my bejeepers! It was so good and so delicious and wow. P.S. Abbey got half the bacon :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hardcore WholePaleo - Whew!

After a quick trip to NYC, I am back in the saddle and feeling very relieved to be here! Funny how our bodies function so much better when we're eating mindfully and not necessarily fancy chef food (full of who knows what!). No regrets, though. Just happy to be moving on. While I was gone, I tried foods I've never had, including pork belly. I may try to make it myself one day; I think I could replicate what I had with a focus on keeping the sugars and glutens out. 
But for today, my breakfast is one of my faves. I added a half-ounce of goat cheese to the eggs/asparagus omelette and the pancetta was divine. Let's get this gut healing and weight loss started. Party in my belly and head!