Friday, February 28, 2014

WholePaleo and fun chit ahead!

I have a super big adventure coming up, so am eating as clean as one can eat! Breakfast was a usual - asparagus, eggs, pancetta, and I added avocado today because I have to eat as much of the fresh stuff around here as I can before I go.

Before I tell about the adventure, I do need to let the world know that I busted up that card game last night and won both games of Rummy! I'm rarely on the winning side of the score pad, so it was a super fun night!

Now for the adventure - My daughter called me yesterday and asked me, "What are you doing Monday and Tuesday?" Then she proceeded to tell me that after an almost two-year wait, she got us tickets to David Letterman! She's apparently been working on getting them since I got my second knee and can walk like a champ now. So, we're going to MD Sunday night to spend the night with my son and then leave for NYC Monday morning. The weather isn't supposed to be all that great, so we want plenty of time and daylight. She got us a room and I made sure my finances are in good shape. I've got my laundry in the dryer and dinner in the crock pot. Oh my, I am so excited!

Banana for snack and who knows what lunch will be? I know it will involve lettuce.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

WholePaleo - Been up way too long today! Still not smoking, though.

Breakfast was pretty simple - chayote squash, eggs, and bacon. 

I got up at 4ish this morning with some pretty deadly indigestion from indiscriminate eating last night. I'm going to start calling it a grain hangover and I don't like it one bit.

Day 4 of no smoking!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WholePaleo and No Smoking = Not killing things yet

I had cookies for lunch yesterday. Oh yes I did. Not my best choice, but damned good. Moving on.

For dinner yesterday, I finished up my sweet potato/cauliflower mash. I will make it again for sure as I bought more sweet potatoes yesterday during my errand running (when I bought the cookies!). I made a melange of chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, and zucchini, along with Tessemae's ketchup, garlic powder, and onion powder. It was really good. The ketchup doesn't taste like ketchup; it's tangier, so I thought it would make a good sauce, and it was.

Eggs with zucchini, pancetta, and avocado. No ketchup! I used the avocado to give the extra flavor to the eggs. It was really good and filled the growing hole inside. 

No smoking this morning. I took the dog out earlier and would have lit one in the past while doing that. This morning, I just kept walking, here, there, back, forth, and it was fine. I got this quit. Cigarettes are doing nothing for me. There is no positive side to smoking. They don't even get you stoned. Why bother? I'll stick to good food and exercise. Yes, I'm still a tich bitchy. Maybe that's my natural state? 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WholePaleo nonsmoker - that's me!

This is my number one mantra for today. Pfft on anyone who can't deal with my grumpiness. Actually, so far, not so grumpy, but I can't promise I'll stay ungrumpy. Bottom line is that I will not be smoking today cause why? Fuck a cigarette. That's why. 

One day, 12 hours, 54 minutes and 20 seconds. 38 cigarettes not smoked, saving $8.65. Life saved: 3 hours, 10 minutes.

But on to more delicious things! 

I sauteed the asparagus with pancetta and when the pancetta came out of the pan (it's there, on the right, where you can't see it... really!), I  cracked 2 eggs in to let them kind of fry on the asparagus. Good choice! The eggs were perfectly fried and the asparagus were delicious. Breakfast is over and now it's time to work a little bit before I go to Fresh Market.

Monday, February 24, 2014

WholePaleo just keeps getting better

Check it - My SilkQuit meter. Small, but powerful:

12 hours, 30 minutes and 13 seconds. 13 cigarettes not smoked, saving $2.93. Life saved: 1 hour, 5 minutes.

On with the food logging. This morning's breakfast sort of sucked, but that's okay. They can't all be perfect. It was yesterday's casserole warmed up. Just not the same. Turnips are way too strong for a delicate egg flavored dish. 
I tried to gussy it up with ketchup, but it was just gross. Blech. 

No, I am not smoking. Here's my funky quit meter:
13 hours, 59 minutes and 2 seconds. 14 cigarettes not smoked, saving $3.28. Life saved: 1 hour, 10 minutes.
I've been half-heartedly working on not smoking since February 2. Well, I can't keep being half hearted. I need to either do it or not. I gout out my stick cinnamon and put a hurting on a half of one of the sticks this morning. I'm good to go for a while. Taking the dog out is when I wanted to auto-reach for one. I already had my cinnamon in my hand, so minor crisis averted. I don't have any cigarettes. I tore them all up and threw them away. I could drive to 7-11 any time, though, and get some. I won't. I am quit. I'll maybe be a honky ass bitch for a few days or so, but that's just the way it's going to have to be!

So far so good today (smoking AND food). This is a Waldorf salad. I didn't have chicken, so it's meatless - apples, raisins, pecan bits, celery, shredded lettuce, cinnamon, and mayo. Good chit, man. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A special paleo muse today! WholePaleo Witches!

I got up and had my coffee, or at least one cup. I sat at the computer trying to think about what should I do next. Then I saw this:
That woman scares me! What I heard her say, besides something about me being pretty, was "get your ass outside and walk, fatass!" So I did. I think I shall adopt her as my muse today. She looks like she eats plenty of greens, so I will eat a lot of them today. She looks slender, so I will aim to have her body type today. And she rocks a cool hat, huh? After my mile+ walk, I decided to have a banana and Abbey got a biskie.
She's guarding the BB gun. She's a good dog like that. Onward ho!
Breakfast casserole - from the bottom up - spaghetti squash, chopped small white turnips, mushrooms, onions, farm fresh sausage, 1/4 cup organic cottage cheese for the whole thing, and then 4 eggs whirled and poured over the top. The casserole is kind of dense so it takes almost an hour to bake. I put it in for 40ish minutes and it was just a bit too "wavy" in the middle. Another 20 minutes did the trick. I was afraid the turnips would take over the taste, but they blended well with the other flavors. Good stuff. 

My breakfast was huge and I didn't want a biggie lunch, so, into the premade foods I went. Brothers dried apples, a fruit strip from Whole Foods (I'm glad those are gone!), a cheese stick, and some celery. Not a usual lunch, but pretty good. Dinner will be a little more conventional.

My muse stuck with me today. That witch was in my head all the way. Dinner was simple - sweet potato/cauliflower mash along with an 80/20 burger, 1/4-ounce goat cheese, and organic ketchup. I bought a different brand (sweetened with agave) and it's too sweet for me. I'll go back to Woodstock Farms organic ketchup when this is gone. 

I posted on FB recently that I was born hollow. I wonder if that's gone or ever will be gone? Meh. I'm 58. If it's not gone now, who knows what's next.

For today, I've made good and healthy choices, exercised, napped, did some hobby stuff, and worked a little. Keep it up, me!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lost time caught up

I lost some time somewhere and didn't post meals or anything. What the heck?
This morning, I sauteed some zucchini and sausage, then added spinach and eggs. Not sure where I've been as far as foods goes the last couple days (well, the dog escape day was a bust), but I'm BACK!
Felt like fruit for lunch. Under the fruit is Genoa salami and cottage cheese, both organic. My version of paleo/primal includes a little bit of dairy. It's grains that bug my stomach. Ick. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

WholePaleo Day after panic day

Yesterday was a really wacky day. The dog ran away and I spent the first several hours of the day searching for her. She's home after Anna's mom found her on the road a little over a mile from my house. She's glad to be here, I think! Lesson learned - do not open the gate without having her on a leash.
This morning, I enjoyed the leftovers from yesterday. 

I built a casserole with spinach leaves on spaghetti squash, asparagus, onions, fresh sausage, and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese spread on top. Then I poured eggs on top and baked. The eggs tied everything together and the tastes were plenty.  
Not to mention, it was beautiful.

Today's going to be a stellar day. The dog is here, I am here, and I have no specific plans. Yup, that'll work!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yesterday turned to crap really fast, but WholePaleo is back!

I am officially an emotional eater. I thought so, but I nailed it, textbook style, yesterday. The morning was fine, mid day was fine, and then I had a fuss with a family member and felt like a really bad, shameful dog. I went to Target to get a SonicCare toothbrush and ended up buying not one but two pints of ice cream and oatmeal cookies. What the fuck? I don't want those things! Albeit, I also got asparagus and Applegate Farms sliced ham, and I busted my no-buy week with the toothbrush purchase (another stressor, but not a biggie). No-buy week resumes today as does my good eating. That pint of ice cream will have to sit there and stay frozen till my next day off. And this week, Friday will not be a day off. No guilt. Move on. Just get my shit together and call it a yesterday. Accountability done. Moving on.
This is a dessert plate! It's not as much food as it looks like. Broccoli slaw sauteed with the pancetta, then eggs and 1/2-ounce of cheese added. My throat feels pretty gross this morning from indiscretions yesterday, but it's self-inflicted and it'll pass. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Article about losing weight, WholePaleo loving, No Buy Week day 3

I ran across a blog entry today about why one might not be losing weight on a paleo diet. talks about maybe lowering calories if you're not losing. Too much of even a good thing is too much. And that comes at a good time. I am using My Fitness Pal right now to keep an eye on how much I'm eating calorie-wise. I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm using it more as a meal planning tool than anything else, but the numbers shake down where I'd like them to be. Add that to the level of exercise I do, and losing weight is a shoe-in. I'm down 0.5 pounds today.

My plan today includes a doctor's appointment at noonish. His office is in a complex that is surrounded by a 1-mile road. I'm taking my walking shoes and going for a walk after the appointment. The rain we're having this morning is supposed to be gone and the weather is expected to be in the 50s/60s, so it's a perfect day for a half-hour jaunt. Back to the pool tomorrow!

The end of my asparagus! I got 4 servings out of the last batch I bought. That's pretty good. I added a little bit of goat cheese for a tang and it was really good. I finally found recycled paper plates, so I don't mind using them as much. It's one of those things I'll always use, I guess. I'm very kind to the environment in so many ways; I don't mind this one indulgence. 

Meals are planned for today, activity is planned for today, and I hope there are some "where'd this come from?" moments today too. My goal is to have every day be a good day. Life's way too short to be a crabby appleton. Regarding my no-buy week - I do find myself thinking about what I want to get and that it's a few keystrokes away (usually at night, just like eating at night!). It's been easy to redirect those thoughts and if it's something I really need, I've been adding it to my grocery list. This is a good exercise for me. Days of less plenty are ahead and I want to be ready. Good food, good buying habits, good sleep, good exercise = good life.

Monday, February 17, 2014

WholePaleo Day forever, No-Buy Week day 2

No weight lost. I'm wondering if my day off needs to be limited. It seems I lose 1 and gain 1/2. That's not a way to focus on weight loss for the beginning of this year. Honestly, I'm simply not losing. So, how to address that? Limit the off W30 foods (i.e., cheese, cottage cheese, snacks) even if they fit in the MyFitnessPal program. I have good foods in the house. No need to stray. I lowered my calorie target, but that's not my obsession. It's a guide to see where things shake down. I have it set to 1.5 pounds per week based on food and activity. The difference for me is that the food is the important part - whole, no grains, organic, no legumes, limited sugar (in the organic ketchup and relish), and veggies and fruits galore.

One no-buy day down. We've talked about getting this and that and I keep reminding Richard that I'm buying nothing this week. If I need it bad enough, I can get it next week, if ever.
This morning I opted for farm fresh sausage. I cooked the asparagus with the sausage, drained the excess grease (there's a lot with this sausage), and then added whirled eggs right in with the asparagus. It was very speecy spicy! This batch of sausage is a bit on the hot side (it varies from batch to batch from the farmers market; I guess the pig man goes heavy on the red pepper from time to time), but it was really good. Some organic ketchup cooled it down just a bit. 

It's a pool day and I'm ready to move. By Friday, my waterproof MP3 player should be here. My plan is to go to class 3 days a week and swim laps 1 day a week. That meets my personal and PactApp goals. Let's get this Monday started!

I went crazy at the pool. Oh yes I did. The exercise class was okay, but I wanted more, so halfway through, I dove into a lane and swam laps for the last half hour. I did my own stretching and bicycle movement for my knees, and it was great. I will take my goggles into the pool area even if I'm going to class...just in case. When I got home, I was famished with a capital FAM. I popped my two plantain cakes that I was going to have with lunch into the toaster oven and ate them with the apple spread lickety split. I didn't take a picture, but I counted every bite. It was a perfect quick snack.

I did get a picture of my lunch when I finally settled enough to make it. Egg salad and lettuce. It's so good. I think I like it better this way than I did when I ate it with crackers or bread. 

Question - is anyone reading this besides me? :) Just curious. I write for myself and get off topic a lot, so just was wondering if anyone out there was reading too. All are welcome. The more the merrier.

Last night, I had beef marinated in Tessemae's BBQ sauce. I put some chicken tenders in the BBQ sauce, added coconut aminos, and then set that to marinate until dinner tonight. I cut up the chicken and added it to a batch of caramelized onions I had in the frig, and wowsers, an amazing stir fry was created. I added a bit of extra ghee to last night's cauliflower/celery root mash, and dinner was served. Richard's missing out on some good eating, but then, he got some fresh onions with his burger tonight. I had to chop up three onions for freezing, and he always gets at least one serving of them when they're fresh. I now have a huge bag of onions in the frig to have with everything and anything over the next week or so.

Day 2 of no-buy week is fine. The week is early and eventually, I'll have a challenge, like Friday, my day off! Eeep. No buy that day too. I have some Enjoy Life chips; I bet I end up doing something with them on Friday. Probably along with a banana and who knows what else. Whatever my treat it, it'll be made from stuff I already have here. 

It's been a good day. I loved the lap swimming today, I got a nice short but refreshing nap, and my meals have been fabulous. I'm still getting over that stupid cold, but it's getting further and further away and weaker and weaker every day. I'll be glad when it's 100% gone. 

Gum doctor tomorrow. I'm counting on no more surgery, but we'll see. I'm surgeried out.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend is over (for me) and a no-buy challenge

I'm going to present a challenge to myself - no online buying for a week. I can still buy groceries if the veggies run low (they shouldn't) or if the dog needs food (she shouldn't). Other than that, no buy. Just an exercise in determination and frugality. I want Apple TV, but I don't want to get that until next payday. I bought a new Speedo waterproof MP3 player this pay period; that's enough. So, let's do this one week thing. I have all I need. I don't need to buy what I want.

My trip to Whole Foods kind of started this. I bought very little. Their vanilla whoopie pies are evil, though. Two jumped in my cart. I did not buy a ton of stuff like I usually do. It'll be there next time I need it. Buying ghee and organic mayo yesterday would have been overkill; I have some in reserve. I did get Dover sole, rainbow trout, and some scallops. Goat cheese and some organic cottage cheese to try were on my list. Neither are daily foods. I shred the cheese and freeze it, then use about a tablespoon at a time every once in a while. I had a nice breakfast at Mimi's with Allison and Judge, totally off plan. We visited for a while and it was just a nice morning out. I'm not sure why I was so tired when I got home - maybe my poor nutrition for the 24 hours?
Breakfast is a great way to begin the week. Kale is so much better and so delicious whirled with eggs and then cooked. Abbey enjoyed the pancetta with me. I had a baggie of shredded goat cheese in the freezer and added about a tablespoon of that to the egg dish. Very flavorful and very satisfying. 
Fruit salad (leftovers) with some organic cottage cheese was lunch.

 For snack, I had Nick's Sticks. They're turning out to be pretty good at being a filling snack. That will hold me till dinner for sure.
Beef loin marinated in Tessemae's BBQ sauce and then quick pan fried. Amazing. The mash is cauliflower and celery root. The cauliflower is an old bag of frozen that I found. It was good, but nowhere as good as the fresh stuff. That's for damned sure. I put chicken breast tenders and coconut aminos in the leftover marinade, and that's in the refrigerator for tomorrow night. I'm hoping that it comes out with a teriyaki taste. 

The day is over. I believe it's been a pretty good one. I've felt sluggish as hell and have felt like I'm slogging through molasses. It's probably from over indulging on Friday and most of yesterday. I had a short nap and still am eager for 10 p.m. to arrive so I can go to bed. Exercise class is tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it.

No buy day number 1 has been fine. No dollars spent and there are a lot of things I want to buy!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paleo is good stuff, man. (Recipe - fruit salad)

Last night's dinner - spaghetti squash base, left over cauliflower/celery root mash, chicken, pancetta, and cheddar, baked and then broiled. Damn. Good chit. Such very good chit. Such good chit that....

...I had it for breakfast this morning. Wowsers. The rest of my meals today won't compare in taste layers, but I'll try!

I walked in the formerly snowy and now muddy back yard for a half hour. That made me hungry, so I came in and made this:
A true Donna concoction - broccoli slaw sauteed in ghee, prosciutto, and then a couple of eggs when the veggies were done. Super tasty. I'll have to remember to use prosciutto more often. That means a stupid trip to Walmart to get more. Groan!

Fruit salad:

1 banana cut up
1/2 to 1 cup pineapple cut up
1/2 to 1 cup strawberries cut up
1 apple cut up
0.5 oz raisins (the mini box, about a tablespoon)
1 teaspoon coconut crystals (optional)
3 tablespoons coconut milk.
1-2 tablespoons of walnuts

Put all the fruit in the bowl. Sprinkle with the coconut crystals if you use them. Add the coconut milk and walnuts, and stir gently. Let the blend refrigerate for a while as the flavors blend. Now, here's the good thing - you can use whatever fruit you want; you can add celery, shredded carrots, chicken; or you can add or take away any of the ingredients. If you use honey, I'd warm it up first so it spreads evenly among the fruit. And here's how mine looked.
The picture isn't great, but you get the idea. I added the raisins at the last minute. That bowl is about half of the fruit salad. Along with the asparagus and mushrooms and hamburger patty, it was a very filling meal. 

I've enjoyed incorporating into my accountability. I do not eat the extra calories available as a result of exercise (30 minutes of walking today). And it doesn't freak me out to see the fat allotment at a higher number than they suggest. I adjusted the carbs to lower them a bit. At first, I was just curious what I was eating calorie wise and now I see I'm doing fine as far as calories go (from the old way of looking at things). I truly have combined the best of Whole30 and paleo to make my own eating plan and it's working well for me. P.S. I am not obsessing over calories. If I eat whole and nutritious foods in an amount that is satisfying, I don't need to count calories. This is an experiment that I may or may not continue. Plus, pays me to log my food!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whole Paleo

Down 1 pound.

I made the best side smoothie ever and it was so simple. Three tablespoons of coconut milk (not just the fat), about a cup of cut up strawberries, and a teaspoon of coconut crystals. You can use any fruit you like and eliminate the coconut crystals if doing a W30. You can also add a touch of vanilla for another twist, some cinnamon if you use a fruit that is a good complement. I whirled it in the Magic Bullet until it was pretty smooth, then put it back in the refrigerator. It thickened up just a bit - somewhere between yogurt and a milkshake.
It's not a meal replacement. It's a way to eat fruit that's a bit different. That's the small cup of the Magic Bullet. It was just enough.
Breakfast was so very good with fresh sausage, eggs, and asparagus. 

I'm using a lot of tools while I'm obsessed with weight loss this month - My Fitness Pal, Veggie Pact, Gym Pact, and the Whole30 and paleo lessons I've learned. I'm trying to do serious reflection along the way. The reality is that I like an occasional sweet and ketchup. I like goat cheese. I like yogurt. I want those things to be a part of my life, and today's decision is this - I'm going WholePaleo. I know, there's no such thing, but I'm making it up as I go along. I love my paleo cookbooks and have the ingredients here to make most of the recipes. I'm reintroducing honey, coconut crystals, and ketchup. Later, I may reintroduce the cheese and yogurt. We'll see. What I don't like to do is tip the paleo scales by using flours, though I know they're okay on the paleo side. I have sweet potato, almond, tapioca, and coconut flours. I rarely use them and don't have any plans to increase their use. Interestingly, the recommendations of My Fitness Pal are jibing with the foods I eat in the paleo and Whole30 vein.

I believe WholePaleo is the right decision for me. It fits. It works. It satisfies. It doesn't take me into dangerous food territory. I believe this is the most sustainable plan for me.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My 600lb Life

My 600lb Life on TLC is a must-see show for anyone with even 10 pounds to lose. There are a lot of reasons why. My mind is reeling as I watch these stories. I should watch this every night. They're not all success stories, but so much of the stories resonate with me in a big way. If not for exercise and a bit of self control (and the lack of enablers!), therefore go I. Or however that goes.

Whole30, Day 13

Yay, finally up to day 13. Damn, it does take me a while to make progress.

Questions for the day -

Donna, are you happy in the 200s? I don't think so. It's so easy to see myself as having made so much progress to this point that it's cloudy to remember that I am still overweight versus curvy.

Do you want to stay there? Again, I don't think so. I have visions of myself wearing slimmer clothing.

What are you thinking overall about weight? Right now, I feel pretty good. I move well. Three years ago, I felt like shit, didn't move well, and was wearing a 32. My optimistic thinking and my realistic thinking have not come together yet.

Is what you're doing right now helping you to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself? Yes and no. Every day I start anew. Every night I tend to sway toward thoughts of food that I do not really want to have. Desires are strong. The addictive urge is almost unbearable sometimes. I have not said "fuck it" in a long time, though. That's a huge bonus.

What are your short and long term goals weight loss wise? Short term, I simply want to get into the routine of eating what is appropriate for me. Whole30 in May was an elimination diet. It was to see what doesn't work for me. As a result, I am off BP meds, take only one diabetes med, and my weight went down another 13 pounds that month. I have regained that weight and another short term goal is to get rid of that again. Long term, I want to settle into my life and not have to obsess over food and exercise. I want to become stronger than my urge to overeat. A lifetime goal is to not eat at night without a reason.

Thoughts to close with? I am stronger than my desires. I definitely feel younger than my age. I am enthralled with the foods I do eat. They feed my body appropriately and are delicious and satisfying. When I take an off day, I go more overboard than I really want to. I don't have regrets and no guilt, though. Those seem to be gone. On with today.

Isn't that curly kale pretty? That's about 1/8th of the bunch I bought, so I have a lot of days ahead to use it. 
And use it, I did. Into the Magic Bullet it went with 2 eggs. The asparagus was cooked in the same pan as the pancetta and served with a touch of salt. A green breakfast. So very good. It should help put me in the right frame of mind for today!

How'z about some steak, zucchini, and mushrooms? Don't mind if I do.

Around 10, I went to Walmart to pick up some fabric for summer dresses and to repair Abbey's crate pad. Of course, after I got home, I decided to use recycled denim rather than the fleece I bought. Hey, I have some gorgeous blue fleece to make something else with. Anyway, what I didn't buy was junk food. No candy bar. No oatmeal cake. No ice cream. Just fabric, broccoli slaw, grapes, and raisins. This is a red letter day indeed. 
I had one of Richard's fiber bars, so I slimmed down dinner a bit. Busted again! This is strawberries along with whipped coconut cream, vanilla, and a bit of coconut crystals. It was very good and very satisfying. 

At the moment, I'm obsessed with My 600-lb Life on TLC!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Whole30, Day 12.1

I had a couple cookies yesterday, so it really can't count as a 100% Whole30 day. Doing day 12 again today.

I integrated MyFitnessPal with Pact and now get paid for logging my food. Not a bad deal. I have my food planned out for today and it starts with a great breakfast.
This is how it starts. I trim and washed the asparagus and placed them in the center of the pan. The slices of pancetta in this pack were smaller than usual, so I placed 3 in the pan with the asparagus and cooked this on low heat. When the pancetta is close to done (it doesn't really brown like bacon), I'll turn the heat up a bit, move the asparagus around so they get a good saute in the pancetta drippings. Out of the pan with the pancetta and into the pan with 2 whirled eggs. I let that set on one side and turn, trying to keep it whole. That doesn't always work, but hey, I try!
And voila, eggs with asparagus and pancetta on the side. Abbey got some of the pancetta. I always share. I have water class on the schedule for today and am glad to be taking my life back after a week of feeling like a wet sock. 

I swam 7 laps and lasted for a half hour in the exercise class before I was spent. It snowed a bit while class was going on. There's something magical about being in a pool and watching it snow outside. Not magical enough, though. I'll last longer next time. I thought I was ready; I was, just not for a whole class. Congrats to me for going and moving, and feeling good about it.
This is a half of a celery root and half of a Japanese sweet potato spiraled up and sauteeing in about a tablespoon of ghee. I added onion powder, salt, and pepper as well. I was thinking, "what should I add to this?" 
And I remembered my chopped tomatoes in the refrigerator! When I got those, I noticed my leftover sausage patty. As the saute was about done, with hash brown like veggies in the pan, I added the tomatoes and broke up the sausage patty into tiny pieces, stirred it all together and let it warm. 
What a delicious blend! After all that flavor and savory goodness, I decided I needed a little something to finish it off with, and the strawberries called my name.  
Do I need to mention that lunch was just about the bomb and a half? 

I have a new hand blender - 
- so I decided to use it tonight. I made a cauliflower/celery root mash that was smoooooooth as silk. This blender is electric, so it's got a lot more power than my rechargeable one, and it shows. Before dinner, I made a pretty large batch of plantain cakes (plantain and eggs), so had one on the side with my burger and mash. The plantains were ripe almost to the black stage, so the cakes are a little sweeter than I like them. They're my paleo version of a bread substitute and I appreciate them more when they're more savory than sweet. The taste did go well with the burger, though. I made 13 cakes out of 2 plantains and 4 eggs. Not bad. I have dallied with plantain crackers (plantain and coconut oil), but am not as fond of those as I could be. 

A really good day. I now will work hard to make it a really good night. There's no need to overeat tonight and I am totally satisfied as is. I wish me well!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whole30, Day 12

Shared the bad parts of the McDonald's burritos with the dog and kept the good parts for myself. Lunch was definitely not even remotely questionable. I started MyFitnessPal through Pact so I can earn money for logging food. That makes me an exercise, vegetable, and logging user on GymPact and each one earns money!
I baked the spaghetti squash for a half hour on about 350°. Then I scooped out the seeds and started shredding the squash with a fork. 

That gave me enough squash for two crusts. The strands were spread out in the pan with the fork in a layer thick enough not to leave open spots. I froze one of the crusts. 

And here's the quiche. I layered cut up prosciutto, tomatoes, and then 4 eggs that I had whirled in the Magic Bullet. I baked it like I did the squash itself - 350° for about a half hour. Next time, it needs some green, maybe asparagus, maybe kale or spinach. It also could be made with or without the tomatoes. Onions would be good. I might even try it with sausage rather than the prosciutto. I don't think there's anything that wouldn't work in this quiche except for something soupy. I had mine with a cut up pear and it was really good!

This is by far the sneeziest and coughiest day I've had so far. Argh! Be gone damned cold. This is making me want to cuss like a fucking sailor. But I won't. Or did I?

I went to the grocery store and Fresh Market to stock up on vegetables and such. I walked into FM and there were these amazing, huge strawberries. They sell them this time of year for dipping in chocolate or decorating for Valentine's Day. Regardless, I had to have them!

Sausage patty, leftovers from breakfast, and those gorgeous strawberries. 

Now, excuse me while I curl up with my box of Puffs with Lotion.