Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dietary shakeup

Modifying again.

Set MyFitnessPal for 1200 calories today. That will include all foods except fruits and vegetables. Peas, lima beans, corn, potatoes, and other starchy vegetables will be calculated within the 1200. Broccoli, cabbage, green beans, and other vegetables of that ilk will not be counted. Logging will consist of the proteins, fats, starches, etc.

This is a trial. It's a combo of WW principles and paleo principles. I may or may not eat corn/limas/peas/legumes. I'll address that as it comes up.

The trial also includes avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as honey and molasses and coconut crystals (heading off diabetes issues; it does make a difference).

My next planned splurge is Christmas eve and Christmas. I will run the plan for at least a week starting tomorrow. For the balance of today, I'll continue to eat well.

Combo these plates. I rarely eat dairy, but don't mind it. Let's do this thing. Pact reset today too.



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