Monday, November 24, 2014

Good news on the diabetes front

Diabetes still sucks. That won't change. But I have it; it doesn't have me. Such a cliche, but true to the bone.

I had my 3-month appointment today and I totally thought it would end with "Time for injecting insulin lessons." But it didn't. My hemoglobin A1c had gone down 2 points. I've been working to make that happen, but not as hard as I can. My spirit was raised at least the 2 points the HgbA1c went down. My goal is 2 more points down. At any rate, I have 3 months to work on this determinedly and make it happen.

Along those lines, I really need to keep closer to paleo than I've been doing. The better job I do with balancing proteins and carbohydrates, the better I feel and apparently the hemoglobin A1c reacts. I had stopped taking my blood sugars, but will be reintroducing that to my daily routine. Since my fasting blood sugar is so high, the decision was made to split the Amaryl in half and take 2 mg in the morning and 2 mg at night (dinner for now). I'll need to make sure I have a snack, but that's definitely not a problem! I'm also moving 1 of the 2 metformin to the night and 1 in the morning.

The last part of the plan is to reign in the eating. Weight Watchers is fabulous, but the Weight Watchers experiment is over. It's back to My Fitness Pal for logging and modified paleo for eating.

As I ride the high of a good doctor's report, I need to keep in mind the words he left me with - "This is about your health; it's not about your weight."

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