Monday, November 3, 2014

Diabetes sucks

Long story short, I was destined to have diabetes. PCOS all my life, insulin resistance, genetics, and on and on. I've been treated with meds, weight loss, and exercise, and doing okay. The last four months, though, blood sugars hate me. It's partly related to me and partly related to whatever. I'm working on the me part. The rejoining of Weight Watchers and keeping things as high protein/low carb as I can are part of that.


As we age, our eyes start to deteriorate. At least for most people. I'm not exception. I didn't need glasses until I turned 40, and it was a short hop to 24/7 glasses wearing. I'm okay with that.

I've had glaucoma and suspected glaucoma since I was a teen, so I go to an ophthalmologist every six months. I've been treated and not treated over the years. I'm treated with drops now.

I went today for my six-month check and field test, and it was all about the diabetes rather than the glaucoma. "Why aren't you on insulin already?" I was asked. "You're a ticking time bomb" (in terms of diabetic retinopathy) I was told. "You have a 'blah blah blah' cup to disc ratio" I was told. No complications - yet. "See you again in six months. Get your sugars under control."


I dressed up for Halloween and was an evil gramma in a rocking chair on a trail of terror. The picture above with wrinkles, lightened eyebrows, and crazy grayed and teased hair pretty much shows how I feel today. The difference is, I was having fun when that picture was taken Friday. 

Grooves come and go. I'll get my groove back soon, but for now, my mantra along with a hashtag is #diabetessucks.

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