Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weight loss decision, take 37+

After I had my left knee replaced, I joined Weight Watchers (again!) on July 25, 2011. After losing about 30ish pounds, I had my right knee replaced. Overall, I lost 65+ pounds and felt really good. Around November 2012, I stopped losing and honestly, I probably stopped trying so hard. Who knows what pathology got in the way, but it did. Fast forward to April 2013, when my doctor suggested I try a Whole30. I did. Full steam ahead for the month of May. Following that, I was strict paleo, and got to about 85 pounds down. Somewhere between then and now, I've put 20 back on and had a come-to-jesus talk with myself last week and decided to rejoin Weight Watchers. Yesterday was my first meeting. It ends a half hour before exercise class starts, so that's going to work out well schedule wise. This is the first time in my life I said STOP! Hammer time. Yay me.

Part of what has changed is that I'm older. I don't have as much to prove. Not that I really did before, but it's a turn of a phrase that seems to work for the situation. There may be some evidence that having a little extra body weight is better for seniors. I'll never be a size 0, so I'm probably okay in that regard.

I am gonna be a fashionable old lady. With the things I'm sewing, my wardrobe is becoming funky, slowly but surely. (Hey, don't call me Shirley!) It's been a dream of mine to wear what I want in the style I want, and I'm achieving it. That's one reason for the need to put the brakes on with food again. Clothes or food? Food or clothes? I can wear groovy clothes with a decent weight and my diabetes under control. There's no vice versa there.

I think another change is that I'm a happy person. Today is our 38th anniversary. I know that weight and money don't make happy. People and self do. I have no false expectations anymore.

So, there you go. It's me and Weight Watchers with a paleo focus to keep the diabetes straight and get that 20 pounds off. It needs to go and I'm willing to put myself into the getting rid of it.

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