Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whole30 starts now

Yep. I'm going to do a Whole30. I'm just sick of detours I've been taking.

It not only begins with food, it begins with my breakfast. I have all the right foods because I eat very close to paleo/Whole30 90% of the time.

So when do I start this thing? This is my worst time as Richard is out of town. Could I turn it around and make it my best time? I could sure try.

Can I make it 30 days without pumpernickel, cheese, and yogurt?

I did it once before and the results were nothing less than stunning.

I'd like to be done before October 25; that's our sort of anniversary. It's the one we celebrate.

Today is the 17th. The dog can finish up the cheese. I can freeze the pumpernickel. I can tuck the oatmeal away for another day. The yogurt can go in File 13.

September 19 is day 1. That makes today W30 -2.

I've been so sick of paleo-ish eating lately and I think it's a mental thing. I'm just being a dork. I need to rein it in and just do it. Even if I last a week (no!!!! go 30 days!!!!), I'm way better off than I am now. My body is screaming for control.

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