Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whole30 Prep and Thought Processing

Prepping for Friday. Thinking about what I have on hand and the best use of the good foods. My bacon and sausage are sugar free, so they're not a problem. I have dried fruits for times when I really am at wit's end, but that's not the best time to eat on W30 or any time. I picked up a couple cucumbers for slicing and having available. During my first W30, I ate cucumbers every day and remember that I really enjoyed that.

Here are some things I thought of right off the bat for cooking:

Chicken crock pot - celery, onions, carrots (handful of spinach?)
cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots
cauliflower/rutabaga mash
spinach in freezer for eggs, etc.
Steak and mushrooms with green beans, use horseradish
Steak and mushrooms with the leftover goulash stock (already W30 compliant)
coconut milk and frozen fruits
Waldorf salad (chop some celery when doing the chicken crock)
tuna fish cakes using some of the leftover tuna
Pot of chili with beans for Richard and not for me. Maybe green beans. Maybe potatoes. Maybe nothing for me.
Frozen squash and potato mash.

I need to remember to check the freezer every morning. I have frozen fruits and vegetables galore. Cinnamon on warmed up fruit is really good and the coconut milk/cream is a nice addition.


Hard boiled eggs
Cut up cucumbers
Celery sticks with newer package of celery; cook the older celery.


Diet Dr Peppers






Stuff hanging around that doesn't fit the program and can't be frozen or fed to the dog.


W30 pages on Pinterest and web.

I need to process my thoughts like this. I have some mental health days ahead as Richard is out of town and other than responsibility to dog, work, and self, I'm free to be myself and choose wisely.

Monday, I may be going to Baltimore to hang with my nephew for a couple days as he begins his radiation therapy. I have take-with foods already in mind.

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