Saturday, September 20, 2014

Whole30 #2, Day 2

FBS was down a bit today. Blood sugars all day yesterday were low and then lower.

I watched Fed Up this morning. It's must see viewing for anyone who is concerned about the health of themselves, their children, and people in general. The Hartwigs address much of what is presented in the documentary in It Starts with Food, but it's seen as extremist and limiting to people who don't really read and understand it. I did a rental from Amazon, but will probably buy it for people I love and care for. The interweaving of the food industry and the government is fascinating. There is convincing correlation between how the tobacco industry relented on their advertising and how the food industry should probably do the same. As an example, I was at Joann's buying fabric the other day and at the checkout, at a fabric store, was junk food galore - sweets specifically. Why is that in a fabric store and why is it at children's eye level? We all know why. Watch it if you have a chance. In fact, make time to watch it. 

Moving on. Breakfast today is a lot like yesterday except that I made an extra piece of pancetta for Abbey and used zucchini rather than asparagus. The key to the tomatoes going with the eggs, in my opinion, is the warming up process. This time, I whirled them and put them in the pan after I removed the eggs. That gives the tomatoes a nice warm temperature and changes the taste to a deeper flavor ever so slightly. Who needs ketchup? Campari tomatoes for the win. 

Here's the thing. I've been on a new med for diabetes for a couple months now. It's done a good job, but as I am doing the Whole30, I'm discovering that I may not need it in the long run. I was on it before and went off of it with my first Whole30 in May 2013. If the blood sugar remains low this week, I will halve the dose, as mentioned before, and see where it lands. Right now, I am having to add a snack mid morning and late afternoon to avoid a dangerous low. Interesting. And eye opening.

Parsley from the garden, small cubes of new potatoes, green beans, onions, and a small filet. I was hungry for lunch and this did the trick.

A quick observation, though. I tend to want something sweet after meals. I am looking forward to that going away. I'm saving fruits for snacks to avoid blood sugar lows, so fruit with a meal is not an option right now. I need to work this out. I don't like being controlled by desire rather than need. 

Same stew/soup as last night, but the carrots were more done and the flavors more blended. It was no less amazing than last night. I'm so glad I have a couple servings frozen for another day. Cooked celery is the bomb!

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