Friday, September 19, 2014

Whole30 #2, Day 1

Day 1, meal 1. We can call it breakfast. 
This is a lot like my normal breakfast with a couple exceptions - no ketchup and no cheese. I cooked the asparagus with the pancetta, took out the pancetta and drained excess grease, added two eggs to the asparagus, and cooked them through on both sides. Then I added a couple Campari tomatoes I had whirled in the Magic Bullet to the pan, warmed them through, and served. Who needs ketchup when there are such wonderful tomatoes around. The key was the warming. It brings out the deep tomato taste that I love with eggs.

I had a couple errands to run and one included the 7-11. I did not buy anything other than what I went in to get. That doesn't sound like much to most people, but it's big for me. It's a small victory. One of what will be many along the way.

I also weighed myself. I will stay off the scales for the 30 days, but I wanted to get a baseline. Eeep. That part is done. Now to move on and enjoy my 30 days of freedom from crap. Oh, and I dumped all the Diet Dr Pepper down the sink. I thought I would finish them before I started, but there were three left that are no longer with me. I was drinking one a day. I will miss it, but not much. I have bubbles in other forms - Perrier and sparkling water from Whole Foods. 

On another note, my blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast was 50 points lower than my fasting blood sugar. That's a very good thing. Part of my reason for doing a hard core second Whole30 is to work on diabetes control. I want to get off the last medication I started. It causes scary lows if I don't eat and I don't like that one little bit. 

I had a bit of orange mid-day to make sure my blood sugar did not dip. Later, lunch. 

Simple and delicious - cucumber with S&P, salami, and cantaloupe. Sated and craving nada. Just the way it should be. 

Blood sugar was 98 two hours after lunch. That's symptomatic for me, but my body will adjust. It is so used to being in the 200 range that it doesn't know how to act when a normal reading is achieved! So, I had a banana. I'm not into light headedness and shaking. 

I filled my crock pot this morning with amazing things - carrots, celery, mini potatoes, and a whole onion, all chopped and in uniform pieces; some ice cube tray poultry stock from the freezer, two small boxes of chicken stock; garlic; sage and poultry from the herb garden on the deck; and topped it with a chicken breast and three wings. And then....and then.... and then.... this happened!

To say the least, I had a great dinner. 

I now have two jars ready to go in the freezer and a bowl with about 2 cups of soup/stew in it for tomorrow. The freezer servings do not have chicken in them. I can add that or left over turkey when I warm it up.  I look forward to a cold day when I just need some soup to make everything better. 

Reflections: One time today, I wanted some Cheerios of all things. It was not as traumatic as I thought it would be when I dumped the Diet Dr Pepper down the sink. Such stupid things we become attached to. I am high on motivation at the moment and want to ride this crest all the way to bedtime. I will have some fruit before I turn in. With the proper eating, the blood sugar is going to be low. I will probably cut the lowering medication in half next week if this continues. I have that permission and will use it if need be. Day one down. 

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