Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whole 30 #2, Day 3

A few thoughts about what paleo "is." There are many definitions of paleo. Some consider it a lifestyle related closely to what our ancestors may have eaten, as in what was available to them. They were hunters and gatherers, walked barefoot, spent a considerable amount of their time outside, and we assume they slept well.

I am no expert, so will link you to those who are:

Robb Wolf, Dr. Loren Cordain, the Hartwigs at Whole30, and many others.

Now that we got that out of the way, on to my impressions. Whole30 is a great way to start eliminating the Standard American Diet from your life. It is a strict, very strict, way of eating that consists of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. No dairy, legumes, grains, sugar in any form, or alcohol. It's a tough sell to someone used to bagels for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. But it's a worthwhile effort. All of a sudden, you're reading every label in the store and finding that there's sugar in every damned thing. Processed foods are full of ingredients you can't pronounce and the preservatives out there are plentiful. Both are discouraged not only during a Whole30, but the following, I hope, paleo or primal (another day on that one) diet beyond Whole30.

During my Whole30 in May 2013, I trended toward organic products as well. I've stuck with that habit, visiting the farmers market, shopping for quality produce at local stores, and have been purchasing higher quality meats. Sugar-free bacon and sausage are either purchased at a farmers market or from Wellness Meats. During Whole30, I drink no diet sodas. Off Whole30, I have one once in a while. I am human, you know.

Paleo to me is just a word. It connotes the caveman philosophy, but it also defines what foods I should eat for overall health, weight loss and maintenance, and diabetes control. I have found nothing else that is as sustainable and realistic, and it takes me back to my days of organic eating for myself and my children. I'll leave the philosophical rationale to others. I'm not living in cave days. I doubt I'd want to.

I've addressed what I eat in many posts before this. I won't go over it again. But I do eat well. I eat as close to the earth as possible. I shop at several stores to meet my needs. I love watching my blood sugar react positively.

This is day 3 of my second Whole30. I've started many. I intend to see this one through.

Kind of a fun breakfast. Kind of a weird combo - spinach, eggs, banana, and pumpkin pie spice, whirled in the Magic Bullet and cooked on both sides in a ghee coated pan. A very different kind of omelette. The banana flavor overrode the spinach flavor, a la a smoothie. 

One of the reasons I keep cucumbers around is because sometimes, I just don't feel like cooking. The Applegate salami, when gone, won't be replenished. I've tried the Wellness Meats salami and it's just not very good, in my opinion. I'll hold off on buying this again till the Whole30 is over. And then there's my last golden delicious apple (half of one) with cinnamon. I have 2 honey crisp apples ready on the counter, but want to finish the last of the older apples first. And that's lunch!

Dinner is served - burger, lots of mushrooms, and a touch of mustard. 

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