Saturday, August 9, 2014

The great diabetes experiment begins

FBS 279
Starting Amaryl 2 mg a day this week. Up to 4 mg next week if BS does not improve.
Hybrid paleo diet, 80/20.

Multigrain bagel thin, 1/2 slice cheese, tomato, Wellness Meats sugar free bacon, and an egg. Oh yeah, lots of pepper. Love pepper with eggs and with tomatoes. These bagel thins had the lowest carb and sugar content. I may or may not continue with them. Pumpernickel, if any bread, is a good choice because of its low glycemic index. It has not been a problem for me thus far, either stomach wise or blood sugar wise. 

The sandwich was delicious. I'll be so sad when the tomatoes are gone!

Before lunch BS 263. The medicine is working for sure. 

Cottage cheese and watermelon, and I didn't photograph the Applegate salami that I had with it. So far, the carbs and protein are in a good range for the day and for both meals. Like I said, a hybrid diet. Probably more primal than paleo, but I'm good with that. 

Whoa. Before dinner, BS was 133. I haven't seen that number in a very long time. After dinner, it was 183. Again, pretty phenomenal. 

I picked a patty pan squash this morning and cooked that up with an onion. I put that mix on top of 3 little new potatoes. Yum. The pork was bleh, but it's okay. I won't buy that cut again. The applesauce was as amazing as it should be. 

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