Monday, July 28, 2014

Focus: Blood sugar levels

Gonna bring them down!

Leftovers from yesterday - breakfast casserole - with fresh pineapple. Delicious.

The focus today is eating right and seeing my BS go down. I didn't sleep long at all last night and I feel a nap in my future, interrupted by blood sugar testing. 

I guess you'd say I'm primal. I'm not 100% paleo because I do enjoy a bit of dairy here and there. My base menu is paleo, sometimes even Whole30 strict, but the dairy is right now a part of things. The other item I have from time to time, which declassifies me completely, is pumpernickel bread. It's low glycemic index and does not affect my blood sure or affect digestion/stomach health for me at all. More to come on my definition of my diet.

Lunch was kind of weird. The chicken added an odd texture to the cantaloupe and Greek yogurt combo. I thought it would blend in like it does with a Waldorf salad. I was wrong. I probably won't do that again. Prosciutto and melon would probably be better. The melon was wonderful. I have a quarter of it left to eat. 

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