Sunday, July 27, 2014

Begin the beguine

 Wow! My birthday was amazing. First, I won tickets to see Robert Cray and John Hiatt, along with a meet and greet with Mr. Hiatt after. We were late (rain, traffic) and the ushers seated us in really nice seats in the rafters. There was some problem with the seating, so the head usher took one of our tickets to figure out what happened. Guess what? This view of Robert Cray is not what we were supposed to see. We had tickets in the orchestra box and no one noticed!
At intermission, we were moved to our real seats and got to see John Hiatt up close and personal. 
At the meet and greet, I expressed my thanks for his song, Blue Telescope, which got me through a lot back in 1994. It was a wonderful night and the traffic was much better, rain all gone, on the way home. Old people up after midnight! 
This morning, we're back! I love the challenge and health benefits of eating paleo/primal and that's just what I'm gonna do. This is a small casserole made with patty pan squash that I grew, a bit of shredded potatoes, a smaller bit of goat cheese, Virginia ham, and eggs. I finished it with Hungarian paprika and had the breakfast of queens. Soooo good. I have sea bass defrosting for dinner. Not sure where lunch will take me, but I'm ready (probably chicken, plantain bread, and apple).
Lunch was miscellaneous crap. Moving on.

Dinner was great. I've been wanting fish cakes for a while. These were made with chopped up sea bass (raw), some Old Bay, eggs, patty pan squash, and a smidgen of sweet potato flour. I seasoned the finished it with sea salt.  Really good.

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