Sunday, June 15, 2014

Whole16, diabetes edition, day 5

FBS 207, which is low for me. I've set the alarm for an after breakfast number. I've also lost a pound. Can I embrace the concept of eating like this all the time forever? Daunting.

I've been avoiding fried eggs because I don't eat toast. Well, I tried something new today. I spiraled a half sweet potato and sauteed it in bacon grease while the bacon finished cooking (separate pan, though). I sprinkled a little Parma on the sweet potatoes to elevate the taste just a touch. After I fried a couple eggs, I put them on the next of sweet potato hash browns. I say it was an A- success. The potato soaked up the yolk as it broke and it was very tasty. I will absolutely make this again. 

If you want to try the bacon I use, visit Wellness Meats sugar free section. I made a half pack for breakfast, but a third would have done for both of us. On first purchase, it's a wee bit pricey, but when you break it down in terms of excellence and lack of sugar or other nasty bits, it's a bargain. I cut it in half when it arrives (almost fully frozen) and freeze each half. My husband prefers it. I'm just happy there's compliant, sugar free bacon to eat!

BS 166 before lunch. What what what?

Genoa salami, cukes, and watermelon. I didn't feel like cooking. I'm curious to see how the BS is in two hours after the watermelon.

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