Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whole16, diabetes edition, day 4

FBS 279 and down to 259 after breakfast.
And it was a wonderful breakfast. Eggs, asparagus, sausage, Parma and a side of pineapple. I'm using the Parma a bit more lately; it gives a nice little extra layer of flavor without adding cheese. I probably use a teaspoon or less, a few shakes. I'm finding I really enjoy it. The pineapple was frozen. I had a huge pineapple that I cut up and froze, eating some of it before it hit the freezer. I thought about whipping the frozen pineapple with coconut milk, and that's still on my agenda!

Overall, my blood sugar is trending downward, but not even close to a normal range. 
The blue line is average run. The arrow points to 6/11, when I started the Whole16. There is an improvement, but not that great. We'll see how it goes. The beginning of the graph was mid May.

I have eaten extremely low carb today, in addition to sticking to Whole30 style. Here's lunch:

Quick salad with leftover ham, trail mix, lettuce, and a dressing made out of coconut milk and frozen pineapple. I probably will add a touch of lemon juice to the next dressing trial. It needed a kick of sour.

Dinner was also pretty simple - W30 compliant meatloaf and some carrots. I'm not surprised that my after dinner BS was 200. With a paucity of carbs, it should go down. It is still not even close to normal, but it's low for me. I'm having a dried apple with cinnamon snack. 

I'm craving sweets and wonder if the low carb is the reason. I went to WalMart today to get lettuce and salad stuff, and did not buy junk. I literally looked away when I walked by the doughnut impulse display. 

Day 4 is in the books. I'm done for today. 

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