Thursday, June 12, 2014

Whole16, day 2, diabetes edition!

FBS 268

Just plain old not hungry this morning and nothing seemed appetizing. I cut up an apple and warmed up leftover sausage as a compromise. I'm sure I'll have salad and vegetables for lunch as I'm going out to eat. 

Stefanie and I caught up in Virginia Beach to go to lunch at Whole Foods, shop, and then kind of last minute, went over to Fresh Market too. They had a hot food bar in addition to their menu, and lo and behold, a W30-compliant lunch was had. The talapia was seasoned without sugar or forbidden stuff, and man, it was hot. The green beans were okay; I'm not a crunchy green bean person. The fried plantains were okay too. I think I liked them! I spent too much money at both stores and then headed home with NO STOPS! No soda. No snack. I'm committed. 

The beef loin I purchased was Fresh Market was way too thickly cut! Grrrr. I suffered through eating one for dinner, though, with a crapload of mushrooms and left over cauliflower mash from last night. I used a little bacon fat in the pan and it made a really nice overall flavor for the 'shrooms and steak. 

My package from Wellness Meats came. I'm set with pork, beef, and fish for about 2 months! 

Onward with my Whole16, diabetes edition. 

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