Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whole16, Day 1, Beatin' the 'betes edition

FBS 297

I'm ready. The kitchen has been cleaned of yogurt, cheese, and all that stuff. I've accepted the challenge to eat Whole30 clean for two weeks. So here we go!
And so it begins. Eggs with tomatoes, asparagus, Wellness Meats bacon ends, and kiwi (which I couldn't finish). For those keeping score, NO ketchup. 

BS after exercise/before lunch 244, after lunch 263.

Salad with egg, bacon, and avocado, and a side of watermelon. 

PreDinner BS = 222
Whole30 and paleo style eating are amazingly delicious. A friend asked me today, "will you have to eat like this forever?" My direct response was, "maybe!" And if I do need to eat like this, then that's what I'll do. But for today's dinner, I had some Wellness Meats sausage, applesauce, and some creamed cauliflower with coconut milk and ghee. 

I'm focusing 100% on Whole30 style eating for the next 16 days. I will take my blood sugar and if it rises too high, I'll get help; I'm not ignoring the diabetes. I'm trying to give this a textbook try for this hail Mary to learn whether food is my problem or if my pancreas is failing. And on we go!

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