Friday, June 13, 2014

Whole16, 'betes edition, day 3

FBS 259. Sigh. Meh, I have a good day ahead.

I have a couple zucchini that need to be eaten, so I sliced one really thin and cooked it with the bacon ends, took the bacon out of the pan, drained, poured off excess fat, then added eggs and Parma, and breakfast was made. The Parma adds a nice twist to the taste. It's nutritional yeast and has a wee bit of a cheese flavor. I use very little, as a spice, and it's all you need for the zing. It's another spice in my arsenal to remain clean, very clean, for the 16 days and maybe forever. 

A wonderful salad with lettuce, leftover ham, cucumber, hard boiled egg, and a bit of Wellness Meats paleo trail mix (W30 compliant). I was hungry enough to eat a horse, but I didn't have one so the salad had to do!

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