Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rockin pneumonia and boogie woogie flu

I'm a pretty hearty thing. I don't let much get to me. I've been working on this diabetes thing for a while now and making some progress. Right now, I can't take my metformin because I had a contrast CT and the iodine is tough enough on the liver that they don't want me taking the drug till the iodine is fully gone.

This pneumonia/pleurisy thing is interesting, though. It hasn't fully kicked my ass, but it has come close. I slept for 7 hours yesterday when I set my clock for 2 hours. Then, I decided to forego the pain medication and just take an Ambien last night so I could sleep, and sleep I did. Another 11 hours. I keep thinking I've got this thing licked and my body says otherwise. I'm hoping a couple more days of antibiotics will make a difference.

Yawns, deep breaths, and coughs still talk to me in the right breast, but it's not a stabbing pain anymore. A good thing!

I'm weaning off crap food that's delicious and not remotely nutritious and working back to real food. That included some cantaloupe this morning. It doesn't matter that I'm not really hungry. And I can't live off of food that appeals to me in taste; that's counter to healing and a breach in eating for diabetes. So, that's today's task - get back to the real world, even if my body is preferring to just be stagnant.

I will call Dr. H's office in the morning to see if they want me to come in earlier than Thursday. Not much anyone can do right now.

I'm way down on cigs and ready to toss them out again. That's long term goal number 1.

A touch of depression has set in today, but I'll try not to let that hamper things around the house. Richard goes back to working nights tonight and the house will be empty. I can have a private pity party later.

Update: I did go see Dr. H. He told me no exercise other than short walks when the day is cool at least until I see him again (July 7). I finished the antibiotics yesterday (June 29) and they seem to have done their job. We'll see how long it lasts!

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