Monday, June 30, 2014

Pneumonia sucks, paleo/Whole30/diabetes edition

Yep, being sick sucks, but I'm climbing out of the hole. I feel fine, but energy is low and desire for sleep is high. I'm hungry again, so I am eating real foods. I don't feel like cooking, but tough; if I want to eat right, I have to prep and cook. I'm re-committing to proper eating again and am happy to do it. Toast and ice cream were good, but they're not beneficial to living well. There's not a lot we can control in the world, but our food intake is something we can control, and I choose to control it. I'm back to my Whole30 eating with a little SWYPO included. Witness my breakfast - it would not be allowed on a strict Whole30, but it's okay for paleo. The ingredients are pure, but this could be thought of as a pancake.
One banana 2 eggs, a healthy dose of pumpkin pie spice, and cooked in a large pan with ghee on the bottom. That's about a tablespoon of coconut milk. Delicious. 

Control. I have it during the day and most of the early evening. I've been trying to go to bed early so I'm not left to my night eating urges. I'd rather read. 

Lunch was tasty for sure. Left over pork and green beans seasoned with Tessamae's BBQ sauce. I recently bought 2 more bottles and today realized I had a bottle already. Argh. I guess I'll be having BBQ sauce with a lot of stuff! There's no pork in my house without applesauce. Whole Foods has some really good organic applesauce that is unsweetened (365, I believe, is the brand.) It went really well with the lunch. I dipped every bite of the pork! I didn't finish the pork; there was a lot. I rinsed the remainder and let Abbey have it :) She's worth it. 

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