Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oooh, shiny object, or back to Whole16 in a bit

I spent a good part of Thursday in the ER. Wednesday night, I had severe right breast pain; not chest, breast. If it had been on the left, I'd have gone to the ER right then and there. Thursday morning, it was worse and I had barely slept a wink the night before, even after taking a couple Norco. The Norco actually didn't touch the pain. Fun!

I waited till 8 a.m to call my doctor's office. I asked if I should come see them or go to the ER. I knew the answer, but needed the okay from them. They said ER so that imaging could be done. I told Richard I was going. He had worked nights and was asleep and under the influence of Restoril. He couldn't drive anyway.

They took me right away and proceeded to rule out cardiac reasons for the pain. Their concerns after initial testing were pneumonia, pleurisy, and/or clots. A CT scan was done to look for clots and found pneumonia instead. The pain is the pleurisy, so I walked out with a dual diagnosis, but no clots, prescriptions for a powerful antibiotic and some pain medications. I called Richard to tell him the news. He was still pretty incoherent.

I took the prescriptions to the drug store and when I got home, the dog greeted me; Richard was still sleeping. He came downstairs after a while. He didn't remember either phone call or my telling him I was going out.

It's now a couple days later and I'm still not sleeping. I have a paradoxical effect with pain meds - they keep me up. I've read hundreds of pages in The Stand. Stephen King is a pretty good writer! My breast still hurts with deep breaths or yawns, but not with movements as it had before. I'm eating crap and need to stop that. Better eating will help and I think I might feel like cooking today. I'm still sweaty for a while and then chilly for a while, even with the AC on 71°. That will pass soon. It's the third day of antibiotics and they should start doing their job. I see Dr. Hoag on Thursday; I already had an appointment set.

Looking back, I had a chest cold a few months ago. Almost everyone I know had it at one time or another. It lasted for a while and Dr. Hoag gave me antibiotics for it. I was coughing a lot and even producing some yucky stuff for weeks after. I wonder if I have had this for a while and didn't know it. My diabetes has been wack and maybe it's been related to the pneumonia?

Overall, I'm not deathly ill but I am not well. I'm getting better, though. Sleep will help, good food will help, and the antibiotics should help. This too will pass. I'm a strong biotch and can handle it.

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