Monday, May 12, 2014

Primal blood sugars and such

My blood sugars are slowly going down with consistency in good food and reintroduction of the pool/aquatics class. I've been swimming a few laps before class. They just make me feel good. I will be testing blood sugars in a paired fashion (before and after meals) and keep checking for trends. It's all things primal and all things diabetes, not necessarily in that order. Here's the good food for today:
Breakfast was simple today - plantain cakes, avocado, and beef slices. My plantain cakes could be thinner (they are made of plantains and eggs). The next batch will be adjusted.  

One of the pool ladies was talking about a BLT. That made me think of a deconstructed BLT without the bread. That's how the salad began. No bacon, but lots of other goodies - asiago, beef, cucumber, tomato, olives, and lettuce. I used Bolthouse Farms vinaigrette and the balsamic made everything sing. 

For dinner, oh for dinner, wings! They were seasoned with coconut aminos (I used to use soy sauce for this), garlic salt, and lemon pepper. I was sauteing the mushrooms while my husband's hamburger cooked and was thinking I wanted something else. I remembered I had a couple cans of green beans and drained one of those cans and tossed them in. I'll need to look for an organic variety if I'm going to eat them canned, but they were exactly what I was looking for.

I do have a banana and cheese stick planned for later and the day is now done as far as food is concerned. I'm pleased with the way this day has gone and hope for many more. 

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