Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pact App is great and yet, it bugs me!

I eat more vegetables than Carter has liver pills (an analogy I use in my mother's honor as it's close to Mother's Day' she said that all the time!). I also use Pact App on my iPhone to report and earn money for eating them. This morning, I took a pictures of the mushrooms sauteing and it got rejected. What? I took another picture of them cooking with the eggs and it was accepted. Still people commented that they couldn't tell it was being eaten (one of the qualifications). Same thing with the strawberries on my plate. I got a comment that you couldn't tell it was being eaten. There's no challenge to the community's decision; the decisions are all driven by the community. Most of the time, people are cool and see what you have and vote thumb's up. Other times, I think there are people rejecting everything they review just to be little shits. Oh well. Overall, it's a good app and I like getting paid to exercise, log food, and eat veggies and fruits.

Don't care what Pact App says; this is an amazing, nutritious, paleo breakfast :) 

Primal for lunch - plantain cakes, cucumbers, strawberries, and organic cottage cheese. Who didn't feel like cooking for lunch? Me!

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