Monday, May 5, 2014

Occasionally, you gotta pump...not that kind of pump!

Now for something completely different. A not-so-paleo breakfast of warmed up pineapple and cinnamon, cocktail pumpernickel with a small amount of goat gouda. Not bad! It's my occasional treat. 

No picture for lunch. I had a banana and a stick of cheddar. I can't remember the last time I had cheese twice in one day. It was one of those "don't wanna cook" days.

Definitely a picture of dinner, though. I added the veggies that I cooked with the chicken to the broccoli and ghee, and warmed that up to perfection. Tonight was farmers market sausage night too. It was just the right amount of spicy. For snack later, some Enjoy Life mini chips. 

Reflections: I think today went well. I had a meh eye doctor appointment and got into a funk over that, but I got out of it fairly quickly. As I told Winnie, I heard her voice in my head saying, "Get over yourself." That's what I did. The bottom line with all these medical visits is the diabetes; that is the thread that connects everything, well, that and genetics. I am working on getting everything under control. One change I've made is always making sure to pair a carb with a protein of some sort. I'll continue using My Fitness Pal to ensure I don't go nuts in the calorie department while remaining paleo/primal. Yep, a good day.

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