Thursday, May 15, 2014

Catching up on my primal diabetes journey

FBS 175 today, 190 yesterday. Definitely a trend downward. I'm having a protein/carb snack at night, if anything. I really have a lower sugar in the morning if I have the snack. I'll keep experimenting. My weight is also down 3 pounds. The weight loss is a given when I take care of other health issues and include exercise. I have essentially 50 pounds to lose and my husband reminds me I'm well over halfway there. He's right, of course, but 50 sounds daunting. At least it's not the 130 to lose it once was!

Blogging has taken a back seat to activity and sewing, but here's the rundown for yesterday and so far today.
A very familiar breakfast yesterday. Asparagus, eggs, pancetta, and 1/2-oz cheese. 
Amazing egg salad with lettuce and olives added, and the best yogurt on the planet - Dreaming Cow Maple Ginger. I will definitely buy this again. High protein, full fat - hard to find this anymore!
And then dinner was to die for - Wellness Meats sugar-free sausage, left over cabbage/rutabaga mash, and my last (boo hoo) Honey Crisp apple. I did have a yogurt snack last night; ergo, the lower blood sugar this morning.

This morning, I tried something new - one banana, two eggs, and pumpkin pie spice in the Magic Bullet baked at 350° for a half hour. It was really good. It was somewhere between a souffle and a bread. Excellent texture and taste. I spiraled some honey on top when it was done. I'll try it with coconut milk next time. You can't go wrong with a fruit and a couple eggs!

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