Sunday, May 18, 2014

A beautiful Primal day in the neighborhood

A wonderful breakfast casserole this morning - eggs, zucchini, spaghetti squash base, tomatoes, sausage, and organic cottage cheese. It took forever to bake. I think my toaster oven is about to bite the big one. I'll be lost without it! I have a walk planed for today and am looking forward to it. There's a bit of free floating angst in the house today and I don't want it landing on me!
What do you eat when you don't want to cook? Fresh pineapple and organic cottage cheese. Yup.
An amazing beige and white dinner - pork loin chops, apple sauce, and a mash of cauliflower and rutabaga. I have a yogurt/banana snack on board for later.

Reflections: It's been a kind of weird day with family drama here and there. It settled, but the day's been sort of odd ever since. I know I'm tired, so I'm working double not to let any of it get to me. One thing I can control is intake and I've made excellent choices today. Lunch was a little meh, but I truly didn't feel like eating or cooking in order to eat what I knew I had to. This day will pass and hopefully, the people around me will move on with whatever is bugging them. And so it goes.....

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