Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whole30, Day 8

Up a pound. Maybe too much fruit. Maybe just regular fluctuation. No biggie.

Leftover broccoli cooked in the bacon pan after the bacon was taken out and grease poured out of the pan. This is farm bacon and I am not a fan. It's way too thick and rendered more grease than I'll use in a month. I'll be glad when it's gone. Abbey enjoyed more of it than I did. I whirled eggs and poured them on the broccoli after it was warmed up and seasoned, cooked the mess to perfection, and amazing once more. 

Summer lunch even though it's not summer - cucumbers, hard boiled egg, and a pineapple/strawberry/coconut cream salad. I ended up having some Mediterranean chips (compliant if used as a coating) for crunch.  
I picked up a very small Virginia ham at Fresh Market. I ate a few ounces of it while I was cutting it up to put pieces away. Oh my word, it was so good. So, for dinner, I cooked up some pancetta and asparagus, then warmed up last night's broccoli. 

Reflections: I did well today. There are a couple things in the kitchen that I am not touching - Richard's chocolate chip cookies and the creamsicles in the freezer. I've done well avoiding them. It made me think of some of my go-to goodies when I really want something:

Grapes with cinnamon
Cucumber slices with salt and pepper
Organic fruit twists

I'm not sure why those are my thing, but they are. 

My Wellness Meats order came today, including some salami. I am hoping that the addition of that and the Virginia ham will make the next few days interesting. I have some great fruits and vegetables to go with them, and I'm looking forward to breakfast!

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