Monday, April 14, 2014

Whole30, Day 7

Looks a lot like yesterday, doesn't it? These cherry tomatoes are the bomb. I sauteed some mushrooms in ghee and poured the eggs on for a nice scramble/fritatta. The bacon was shared with Abbey; she likes it when I make too much. This was the end of the package that my son gave me from his farmers market. I suspect tomorrow's breakfast will look a bit like this. I want to make sure those tomatoes don't go bad! 

One week in and down 6.2 so far. I know that's a lot for a week, and I totally expect that to slow. 

I didn't a) feel like lunch and b) didn't feel like cooking, but I gotta eat, so strawberries, egg salad with lettuce it is. Nice big ole glass of water and I'm done. By the way, I put cinnamon on the strawberries and they were super good!

A nice simple, steamy dinner - chicken and broccoli with ghee. I had a banana after and may or may not have strawberries with coconut cream later. 

Who finished day 7?
That would be me!

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