Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whole 30, Day 6

Throwback breakfast. My first Whole30, I often whirled tomatoes and poured them on eggs since I was jonesing for ketchup. It wasn't the same. But today when I made it, it wasn't because of a desire for ketchup; it was for a desire of tomatoes. Much better. It's funny how expectations interact with the taste of our foods!
Farmers market bacon from Ronnie cooked with the zucchini. I took the bacon out and drained the excess fat (there's a LOT with the fresh bacon) and added a couple eggs. I cracked the yolks when the eggs were about half set. After that I turned it over whole. A folded it on the plate and poured the three cherry tomatoes on top. As mentioned, since I wasn't expecting a ketchup taste, it was amazingly delicious. Everything was great. I see a good day ahead.

I just wasn't hungry for lunch. That's been happening a lot lately. But I have to eat, so I grabbed a banana, cut it up, and "spread" some cashew butter on them. By the way, spread is less of the right word than forced it off the knife with my thumb. That stuff is thick! When it's gone, I'm going to try almond butter. I don't use it enough to buy a lot of it. 

Steak, mushrooms with onions, and a mash of cauliflower and rutabaga. Good dinner.

Reflections: A trip to the 7-11 proved to be extremely difficult. Will it ever get easy to be in the presence of crap that is readily available and cheap? I'm thinking the answer is no. I have these stupid arguments with myself about how I could buy this or that and no one would know. But then I remind myself that I would know! How fucked up is that? No problem in the long run. I didn't buy a thing. Yay for small victories. I don't want that stuff. And yet.... 

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