Monday, April 28, 2014

The day after the eye opening weekend

I'm overthinking the fall off the wagon, but I've come up with more things I want to keep in mind - my knee was questionable from December 16 until March, and then there was the fall on my hiney/back that is still healing. I had some pretty heavy duty pity parties. Those need to stop. There are ways to not crash and burn when a situation occurs. This will be an interesting thing to figure out. But for today:

Leftover pumpkin souffle, cut and pan seared (is seared the right word?) in ghee, pancetta (a nice throwback to my paleo infancy), and asparagus. You can't go wrong with asparagus.

My plan today is to try to get a walk in before the rain begins. I believe I have plenty of time to do that. Abbey is napping, so she'll be ready to go out a bit later. My plan also includes remaining mindful and not beating myself up for past transgressions. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am going to 'beg for mercy' for one last 3-month period. I honestly believe and am in the process of making the lab work turn around. The lab work doesn't lie. It's a tool in my arsenal that shows me where I'm doing well and where I'm not doing so well. It is now up to me to incorporate that tool, and I'm doing that as we speak. I'm not counting days anymore. This is just the way I eat and that's that. 

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