Monday, April 21, 2014

Relaxed Whole30 Day Forever

I'm just going to have to aim for a Whole30 day every day. I'm having a tough time sticking 100% to Whole30 for 30 days in a row, so I'm going to stop numbering the days. My long term goal is to sick as close to Whole30 as possible and after a while, have my Saturday day off. I think that shakes down to 80/20. I also need to go ahead and bump up my exercise now that my back is almost 100% and my knees are fine. No excuses allowed. I am in a pact for 3 days, but that doesn't mean I have to stick to 3 days only. I'm getting my running/walking shoes on Thursday in Richmond. I'll be curious to see how they change things, if at all. For today, though, Whole30 ho!
I spiraled a sweet potato and sauteed that with some onion in bacon grease until it was just about done. I added some Va ham all chopped up and let that warm up while the potatoes crisped. I couldn't help myself; I added the eggs directly to the hash. I'm hopeless. I just love stuff all mixed up. I only added pepper as the ham is salty enough. It was really good. The sweet potato taste was not overpowering and that's a bonus to me. I have a few breakfasts' worth of ham left and it will be gone. It's been really nice to have it. I'll probably buy it again because it's $20 that has gone a long way, including a chunk to Stefanie. It adds a completely different taste than bacon, pancetta, or sausage, and I love it.

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