Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zen Paleo Weight Loss

#weightlossmotivation on Twitter is an interesting read. There are items for sale, words given freely, silly ideas, deep thoughts, pictures galore, and a lot of stuff you can either do with or do without. I've joined the fray and am posting my own words using that hashtag. I'm feeling very good about life, exercise, food, and sleep right now and want to share it with others. Maybe I'm doing it just for myself. Who the heck knows?

My thought for today, as it has been for many days in the past is, "You are worth the effort." How many people feel like they are not worthy? Or they lose their focus because it just doesn't matter? It does matter. We are worth it. I am worth it. I want to be around for a while. Weight loss and not smoking go hand in hand for me. They're the last of my bad habits. I'm not losing a thing by letting them go. I'm gaining everything.

I made a breakfast casserole with these layers (from the bottom up): Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, spinach, sausage, eggs, goat cheese. It makes two servings, so I have more for later this week. I also have a fresh spaghetti squash with which to make more crusts for freezing. This is such a good way to get a lot of flavors and variety with breakfast. I check the frig for vegetables that speak to me on any given day. I opted for fairly mild flavors today and it was very good. The process of making the casserole gives me time to think and spend some time with the ingredients. No special tools were used this morning, only my hands, in the making and layering. Taking time is important for me. Being a part of the meal is important for me. Not gobbling it down in record time is important for me. 

I wasn't much in the mood for lunch, but my body needs fuel. I cut up a banana and grabbed a container of peaches in juice, and put them together with organic cottage cheese. I generally do not have dairy more than once a day, but there are times when a quick bite is better than none. Today is one of those days.

Dinner is planned, as are meals through next Friday. By planning, I don't have to dally with decision making other than planning day. I took a mental inventory of vegetables, proteins, and fruits on hand and created a week's worth of meals as a guide. I do have 2 Lara bars, Nick's Sticks, and cottage cheese for times when meals don't fit the profile of the day, but in general, I am involved in the prep and cooking more than most.

I'm reflecting today - what am I gaining? Is my process allowing me to meet goals? 
Filling and delicious. I seasoned the precooked shrimp with ghee, bacon grease, white wine, Old Bay, scampi seasoning, and a healthy dose of garlic. The mash is cauliflower, half a chayote squash, and celery root. I added coconut milk and ghee to the drained vegetables and then mashed with the hand blender.

My mind has been all over the place today and it keeps landing in a "You are worth it" space. Combining losing weight with good eating is a win-win situation. Drop in the quit smoking and it's still win-win. A little stress might be involved, but it's part of the improvement (and therefore positive) process.

To bed early tonight. I'm pooped.

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