Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hardcore WholePaleo - Whew!

After a quick trip to NYC, I am back in the saddle and feeling very relieved to be here! Funny how our bodies function so much better when we're eating mindfully and not necessarily fancy chef food (full of who knows what!). No regrets, though. Just happy to be moving on. While I was gone, I tried foods I've never had, including pork belly. I may try to make it myself one day; I think I could replicate what I had with a focus on keeping the sugars and glutens out. 
But for today, my breakfast is one of my faves. I added a half-ounce of goat cheese to the eggs/asparagus omelette and the pancetta was divine. Let's get this gut healing and weight loss started. Party in my belly and head!

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