Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busch Gardens day

I'll be going to Busch Gardens with my son today for the first time of the season. I'll have a pass, so it'll be a freebie, and I hope to go often to walk or ride roller coasters or whatever. I'll probably have lunch there and am thinking ahead. There are several places I can get a protein and salad or vegetables, so will seek those out rather than the crap food sold here and there. And to start me off, a good breakfast.
Spinach, zucchini, and eggs. What's better? A bit of bacon on the side and yum. 
I do try to stick to W30 as close as  possible, with a bit more effort to stick with it this week (the mom and other son challenge), and it hit me today that even if I'm close and not 100% on target, I'm 100% better off than I used to be. Hurtling toward old age doesn't seem as scary when your body works the way it was meant to work. 

I found this blog this morning and it's so worth reading again and again:

It was perfect timing. 

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