Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WholePaleo nonsmoker - that's me!

This is my number one mantra for today. Pfft on anyone who can't deal with my grumpiness. Actually, so far, not so grumpy, but I can't promise I'll stay ungrumpy. Bottom line is that I will not be smoking today cause why? Fuck a cigarette. That's why. 

One day, 12 hours, 54 minutes and 20 seconds. 38 cigarettes not smoked, saving $8.65. Life saved: 3 hours, 10 minutes.

But on to more delicious things! 

I sauteed the asparagus with pancetta and when the pancetta came out of the pan (it's there, on the right, where you can't see it... really!), I  cracked 2 eggs in to let them kind of fry on the asparagus. Good choice! The eggs were perfectly fried and the asparagus were delicious. Breakfast is over and now it's time to work a little bit before I go to Fresh Market.

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