Friday, February 28, 2014

WholePaleo and fun chit ahead!

I have a super big adventure coming up, so am eating as clean as one can eat! Breakfast was a usual - asparagus, eggs, pancetta, and I added avocado today because I have to eat as much of the fresh stuff around here as I can before I go.

Before I tell about the adventure, I do need to let the world know that I busted up that card game last night and won both games of Rummy! I'm rarely on the winning side of the score pad, so it was a super fun night!

Now for the adventure - My daughter called me yesterday and asked me, "What are you doing Monday and Tuesday?" Then she proceeded to tell me that after an almost two-year wait, she got us tickets to David Letterman! She's apparently been working on getting them since I got my second knee and can walk like a champ now. So, we're going to MD Sunday night to spend the night with my son and then leave for NYC Monday morning. The weather isn't supposed to be all that great, so we want plenty of time and daylight. She got us a room and I made sure my finances are in good shape. I've got my laundry in the dryer and dinner in the crock pot. Oh my, I am so excited!

Banana for snack and who knows what lunch will be? I know it will involve lettuce.

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