Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Whole30, Day 9 Redo

Wow, yesterday just plain sucked. I felt icky, had a minor surgical procedure, overate, and just threw every caution to the wind that needed to not be thrown. Yesterday does not exist. Moving on.

I have a cold. I thought something might be brewing, but it's not the end of the world. This will definitely pass. Who knows, it might even be related to quitting smoking. The good news is that breakfast was amazing!
There's nothing in the world that asparagus and eggs won't fix. Of course, pancetta helps too. There's Tessemae's ketchup under the eggs. You didn't think I'd have eggs without it, did you? I'm so grateful to that company for making Whole30 compliant sauces and dressings. I don't mind making my own, but I don't use freshly made sauces in time to not have them go bad. It's just me using them. So, Tessemae's it is. The price makes up for foods potentially going bad by not using them.

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