Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Whole30, Day 13

Yay, finally up to day 13. Damn, it does take me a while to make progress.

Questions for the day -

Donna, are you happy in the 200s? I don't think so. It's so easy to see myself as having made so much progress to this point that it's cloudy to remember that I am still overweight versus curvy.

Do you want to stay there? Again, I don't think so. I have visions of myself wearing slimmer clothing.

What are you thinking overall about weight? Right now, I feel pretty good. I move well. Three years ago, I felt like shit, didn't move well, and was wearing a 32. My optimistic thinking and my realistic thinking have not come together yet.

Is what you're doing right now helping you to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself? Yes and no. Every day I start anew. Every night I tend to sway toward thoughts of food that I do not really want to have. Desires are strong. The addictive urge is almost unbearable sometimes. I have not said "fuck it" in a long time, though. That's a huge bonus.

What are your short and long term goals weight loss wise? Short term, I simply want to get into the routine of eating what is appropriate for me. Whole30 in May was an elimination diet. It was to see what doesn't work for me. As a result, I am off BP meds, take only one diabetes med, and my weight went down another 13 pounds that month. I have regained that weight and another short term goal is to get rid of that again. Long term, I want to settle into my life and not have to obsess over food and exercise. I want to become stronger than my urge to overeat. A lifetime goal is to not eat at night without a reason.

Thoughts to close with? I am stronger than my desires. I definitely feel younger than my age. I am enthralled with the foods I do eat. They feed my body appropriately and are delicious and satisfying. When I take an off day, I go more overboard than I really want to. I don't have regrets and no guilt, though. Those seem to be gone. On with today.

Isn't that curly kale pretty? That's about 1/8th of the bunch I bought, so I have a lot of days ahead to use it. 
And use it, I did. Into the Magic Bullet it went with 2 eggs. The asparagus was cooked in the same pan as the pancetta and served with a touch of salt. A green breakfast. So very good. It should help put me in the right frame of mind for today!

How'z about some steak, zucchini, and mushrooms? Don't mind if I do.

Around 10, I went to Walmart to pick up some fabric for summer dresses and to repair Abbey's crate pad. Of course, after I got home, I decided to use recycled denim rather than the fleece I bought. Hey, I have some gorgeous blue fleece to make something else with. Anyway, what I didn't buy was junk food. No candy bar. No oatmeal cake. No ice cream. Just fabric, broccoli slaw, grapes, and raisins. This is a red letter day indeed. 
I had one of Richard's fiber bars, so I slimmed down dinner a bit. Busted again! This is strawberries along with whipped coconut cream, vanilla, and a bit of coconut crystals. It was very good and very satisfying. 

At the moment, I'm obsessed with My 600-lb Life on TLC!

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  1. Holy crap I needed this slap in the face today.. thanks my friend.