Monday, February 10, 2014

Whole30, Day 12.1

I had a couple cookies yesterday, so it really can't count as a 100% Whole30 day. Doing day 12 again today.

I integrated MyFitnessPal with Pact and now get paid for logging my food. Not a bad deal. I have my food planned out for today and it starts with a great breakfast.
This is how it starts. I trim and washed the asparagus and placed them in the center of the pan. The slices of pancetta in this pack were smaller than usual, so I placed 3 in the pan with the asparagus and cooked this on low heat. When the pancetta is close to done (it doesn't really brown like bacon), I'll turn the heat up a bit, move the asparagus around so they get a good saute in the pancetta drippings. Out of the pan with the pancetta and into the pan with 2 whirled eggs. I let that set on one side and turn, trying to keep it whole. That doesn't always work, but hey, I try!
And voila, eggs with asparagus and pancetta on the side. Abbey got some of the pancetta. I always share. I have water class on the schedule for today and am glad to be taking my life back after a week of feeling like a wet sock. 

I swam 7 laps and lasted for a half hour in the exercise class before I was spent. It snowed a bit while class was going on. There's something magical about being in a pool and watching it snow outside. Not magical enough, though. I'll last longer next time. I thought I was ready; I was, just not for a whole class. Congrats to me for going and moving, and feeling good about it.
This is a half of a celery root and half of a Japanese sweet potato spiraled up and sauteeing in about a tablespoon of ghee. I added onion powder, salt, and pepper as well. I was thinking, "what should I add to this?" 
And I remembered my chopped tomatoes in the refrigerator! When I got those, I noticed my leftover sausage patty. As the saute was about done, with hash brown like veggies in the pan, I added the tomatoes and broke up the sausage patty into tiny pieces, stirred it all together and let it warm. 
What a delicious blend! After all that flavor and savory goodness, I decided I needed a little something to finish it off with, and the strawberries called my name.  
Do I need to mention that lunch was just about the bomb and a half? 

I have a new hand blender - 
- so I decided to use it tonight. I made a cauliflower/celery root mash that was smoooooooth as silk. This blender is electric, so it's got a lot more power than my rechargeable one, and it shows. Before dinner, I made a pretty large batch of plantain cakes (plantain and eggs), so had one on the side with my burger and mash. The plantains were ripe almost to the black stage, so the cakes are a little sweeter than I like them. They're my paleo version of a bread substitute and I appreciate them more when they're more savory than sweet. The taste did go well with the burger, though. I made 13 cakes out of 2 plantains and 4 eggs. Not bad. I have dallied with plantain crackers (plantain and coconut oil), but am not as fond of those as I could be. 

A really good day. I now will work hard to make it a really good night. There's no need to overeat tonight and I am totally satisfied as is. I wish me well!

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