Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whole30, Day 12

Shared the bad parts of the McDonald's burritos with the dog and kept the good parts for myself. Lunch was definitely not even remotely questionable. I started MyFitnessPal through Pact so I can earn money for logging food. That makes me an exercise, vegetable, and logging user on GymPact and each one earns money!
I baked the spaghetti squash for a half hour on about 350°. Then I scooped out the seeds and started shredding the squash with a fork. 

That gave me enough squash for two crusts. The strands were spread out in the pan with the fork in a layer thick enough not to leave open spots. I froze one of the crusts. 

And here's the quiche. I layered cut up prosciutto, tomatoes, and then 4 eggs that I had whirled in the Magic Bullet. I baked it like I did the squash itself - 350° for about a half hour. Next time, it needs some green, maybe asparagus, maybe kale or spinach. It also could be made with or without the tomatoes. Onions would be good. I might even try it with sausage rather than the prosciutto. I don't think there's anything that wouldn't work in this quiche except for something soupy. I had mine with a cut up pear and it was really good!

This is by far the sneeziest and coughiest day I've had so far. Argh! Be gone damned cold. This is making me want to cuss like a fucking sailor. But I won't. Or did I?

I went to the grocery store and Fresh Market to stock up on vegetables and such. I walked into FM and there were these amazing, huge strawberries. They sell them this time of year for dipping in chocolate or decorating for Valentine's Day. Regardless, I had to have them!

Sausage patty, leftovers from breakfast, and those gorgeous strawberries. 

Now, excuse me while I curl up with my box of Puffs with Lotion.

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