Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whole Paleo

Down 1 pound.

I made the best side smoothie ever and it was so simple. Three tablespoons of coconut milk (not just the fat), about a cup of cut up strawberries, and a teaspoon of coconut crystals. You can use any fruit you like and eliminate the coconut crystals if doing a W30. You can also add a touch of vanilla for another twist, some cinnamon if you use a fruit that is a good complement. I whirled it in the Magic Bullet until it was pretty smooth, then put it back in the refrigerator. It thickened up just a bit - somewhere between yogurt and a milkshake.
It's not a meal replacement. It's a way to eat fruit that's a bit different. That's the small cup of the Magic Bullet. It was just enough.
Breakfast was so very good with fresh sausage, eggs, and asparagus. 

I'm using a lot of tools while I'm obsessed with weight loss this month - My Fitness Pal, Veggie Pact, Gym Pact, and the Whole30 and paleo lessons I've learned. I'm trying to do serious reflection along the way. The reality is that I like an occasional sweet and ketchup. I like goat cheese. I like yogurt. I want those things to be a part of my life, and today's decision is this - I'm going WholePaleo. I know, there's no such thing, but I'm making it up as I go along. I love my paleo cookbooks and have the ingredients here to make most of the recipes. I'm reintroducing honey, coconut crystals, and ketchup. Later, I may reintroduce the cheese and yogurt. We'll see. What I don't like to do is tip the paleo scales by using flours, though I know they're okay on the paleo side. I have sweet potato, almond, tapioca, and coconut flours. I rarely use them and don't have any plans to increase their use. Interestingly, the recommendations of My Fitness Pal are jibing with the foods I eat in the paleo and Whole30 vein.

I believe WholePaleo is the right decision for me. It fits. It works. It satisfies. It doesn't take me into dangerous food territory. I believe this is the most sustainable plan for me.

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